Interview : Bluez.

THE beautiful thing about art is that it's transcendent. It's able to have such a deep impact because art goes beyond the artist, transcending styles, cultures, even borders. In such a technology-dependent age, creations are able to spread at unprecedented rates, giving a more detailed view into the diverse pool of art the world has to offer. Based out of Hannover, Germany, visual artist Bluez is crafting designs that are causing waves internationally.

SIMILAR to A Boogie's 2018 album, Bluez is an international artist, as he was born in Münster "...and moved to Hannover when I was four years, and that's where I'm still at." The United States is home to so many types of people and lifestyles, but Bluez says "...the culture In Germany is overall the same except for some cities as Berlin, which is known for its street art. Hannover is cool, but there isn't much here to do." While Berlin has a reputation of its street art, Bluez doesn't "...really have a connection to the local art scene." This isn't uncommon; many artists look beyond their communities for inventiveness. The continued development of the internet has made this much easier, as a (literal) whole world of art is available within a few taps, and Bluez took advantage of it " get inspiration and motivation..."

LOOKING at Bluez's work, you wouldn't be able to tell that he "...started doing this seriously a year ago." His cover designs and animations are incredibly polished, and look as if he's been mastering his craft for years. The astounding designs are proof of his dedication and strong work ethic. "If something interests me I'm willing to spend a lot of time at it." Bluez dropped out of school at the beginning of the year "...and started pursuing this design stuff after that. I had and still have the feeling that this can somehow turn into something big." School isn't for everyone, especially at a certain age when you can truly decide what you want to do with your future. Bluez making this his full-time job is only going to make his work that much better, which will surely put him in another stratosphere in the design world.

IT was only a matter of time that Bluez would start designing seriously, as he's "...been working with photoshop since 2012. Back then I had a YouTube channel where I would create my thumbnails and banners all by myself." Embarking on a new journey is never easy, especially a creative one. Bluez has worked with 3D animation, which from the outside looking in seems very complex, and it's well known that full-length animated feature films can take years to make. "Yeah it was really hard in the beginning, I'm not gonna lie. I'm slowly getting used to it. But the internet can help you with every question you may have. That's why I will always find my way around the hard parts." By again taking advantage of the power of the internet, Bluez's animations are becoming better and he's getting to add another impressive skill to his repertoire.

BLUEZ'S hard work is paying off, as he's starting to get involved with groups featuring a wide array of artists. Bluez is apart of Scumbag Magazine and Locations, giving him the opportunity to show off his creations while also getting a chance to be influenced by other creators from around the world. He got a chance to work with Scumbag Magazine as he "..was posting artworks frequently and would always tag a bunch of accounts that potentially would retweet my designs. One day Justin from Scumbag hit me up asking if I would like to join them." After his animations for A$AP Rocky's "Testing" started getting attention, he was approached by Locations. "CG hit me up saying that he wanted to start a design collective and [said] that I should be part of it. At that point the collective didn't even have a name yet." Bluez's work is in demand, just as it should be. People have taken notice to Bluez's talents, and he's going to keep getting chances to collaborate with many groups.

WHILE he's worked with multiple groups, Bluez has also done work with artists. He said he hasn't done a lot of work with big name artists yet, but his favorite to work with has been A1 Billionaire. "He hit me up and gave me the chance to work on cover art that featured artists like Trippie Redd and 21 Savage when I was just starting last year." This is absolutely massive, as "Rookie of the Year" (Trippie Redd & A1 Billionaire) and "Chill Pill" (A1 Billionaire ft. 21 Savage" have "...gathered over a million plays." By getting to work on covers for big name artists, Bluez is getting the best chance to get his art seen. These songs are being listened to by millions of people, putting many eyes on Bluez's cover designs. This is only the beginning, and the opportunities to work with popular artists will start to pop up more frequently. He eventually wants to work with Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover), who has "...been a huge inspiration to me the past years and showed me what one person is capable of regarding creativity." He also expressed that he wishes he had the chance to work with XXXTentacion, as he "...was really invested in him as a person and would have loved to get the chance to talk to him."

JUST like anyone trying to get somewhere in their careers or lives, Bluez has goals, big and small. "I guess the small goal was to make a living out of this. Like having a stable income with my art. It's slowly getting there. The big goal would be to get rich with this haha, or building something that's not only benefiting me, but all around me. I got plans to see the world next year. I would love to go to Japan and come to the US for the first time." It is clear that Bluez has the right mindset, and as he applies that to his proven work ethic, he is going to be one of the biggest names in design.

The waves have already started, Bluez just has to ride them to success. " the end I would just like to do what makes me happy and have the freedom to try a lot of things." The journey to the top is a long one, but Bluez is clearly willing to take the time to be the best that he can be and show the world what he has to offer.

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