The 90's had some great Hip-Hop music, Nas, 2Pac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Dr.Dre, Jay Z, the list is really endless. I'm assuming most of you reading were born in the 90's as well. We've grown up in a tremendous time where we have been able to see the evolution of Hip-Hop in front of our eyes, 90's to the early and late 2000's and now only a year away from 2020 I can only imagine how Hip-Hop will sound in 5 years from now. Let's go back in time right around almost 3 decades ago, we're in 1990. 1990 has a new meaning now and is making waves across the music scene as they are beginning to grow a powerhouse of a roster. This week we sat down with 1990Bishop, the 19 year old out of Leesburg, VA to talk about his goals for his career, what he would do if he won $10 million dollars, and who he would work with if he had a chance to collaborate with any artist in the world.


Q. What was it like living in DC and Leesburg? Was there a good creative scene out there?

A. " In DC I was young so I don't know, in Leesburg there’s not a music scene

there’s a few people but I don't know if they live in Leesburg.

Q. So since there isn’t a music scene there where did you find your inspiration for being a creative? Was there someone you looked up to growing up?

A. "frfr Childish Gambino was the reason I started making music he inspired me a lot and then I saw an artist named fridaynite making music on twitter and he was from the area and so i was like I guess people would support me so I just started making music. ( they didn’t support me )"

Q. So when did you start creating and how did you get into everything?

A. "2015 I started on imovie cause I was just messing around but it was lowkey fire so I was like let me keep going, I didn’t use autotune heavy until late 2017."

Q. So walk me through your career a little bit and how it’s went so far, meeting your manager, who you worked with when you started out etc.

A. "I only use to work with Hunter Hair , my numbers started going up when Young Ali started helping with my promo campaigns and that started 9 months ago which is when people actually started knowing who I was before that I was just experimenting by myself, I even made beats. I worked with Jun once and that’s the main person I remember.

Q. So what do you find is the hardest thing you come across when creating?

A. " I’m tryna put more thought behind my lyrics and finding a flow on certain beats can be difficult, sometimes i’ll really like a beat but can’t find a flow on it."

Q. We finish the interview and you step outside and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

A. "I'm getting my mom out of poverty, then hitting up the best investors I know and start investing, I’d save most of that shit and keep living the same life."

Q. What’s your favorite album or song that you would consider a classic?

A. " I like Madvillainy, Yeezus, and Because The Internet. 2013 isn’t that long ago but they gone be classics."