In My Head - Kabwasa

Described as a "introspective neo-soul" cut, 'In My Head' is a smooth track with a catchy chorus. Kabwasa finds the groove of the beat with his laid back flow. The Club Yokai produced beat gives the song a light hearted feel, the percussion blends perfectly with the tones used in the instrumental. To get a better understanding of how the track came together, we asked Kabwasa himself.

Music Video for In My Head

Who is Kabwasa?

"I go by Kabwasa! I was born and raised in the small town of Watsonville CA. I’ve been constantly around music and art since before I can remember so eventually I decided to try making it myself. I’d say my sound is a mix of R&B and Hip-Hop with a kind of fun vibe. My goal is to make songs that are super fun but are also saying something real at the same time."

What inspired you to make In My Head and what is the meaning behind it to you?

"This song was basically about my experience with trying to tap into the music industry. It’s really hard to make progress and find motivation when you’re a smaller artist and it’s easy to get in your head and feel defeated. So this song is just about overcoming that struggle."

What was your favorite and the hardest part about creating this song?

"I always love getting in the studio and recording. That’s almost always my favorite part of making a track. But the process of making this video while in quarantine was dope. It felt super innovative. But that was also the hardest part because I’m pretty new to green screen work."

If you could drop a remix of this song with a major artist, who would you want on it?

"If I could pick any artist to be on this track it would definitely be JID. He’s my idol and I feel like he would come crazy on this Club Yokai beat.

"Shoutout to everyone that helped make the song and video possible! Club Yokai with the mix, master, and he produced the beat! GRILL0101 with the visuals! She is so amazing! Also my roommate Max Suzuki for helping me shoot the whole thing in our living room! This whole process was so much fun."

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