Artist Spotlight - IAMFRIZ - "Green Light"

IAMFRIZ is a 20 year old artist born and raised in Detroit Michigan. On "Green Light" we find FRIZ spitting honest and conscious bars over a ambient hard hitting beat produced by DaeJohnMadeIt. His delivery and flow on this track find the groove of the beat which allows for a smoothness that is satisfying to listen to. What really caught my attention was the way that IAMFRIZ layered his vocals for the chorus, I really like the effects that he used as it kinda gave me a TDE vibe. Overall a very well put together track that I enjoyed a lot and I know you will too. Also! Go check out the music video IAMFRIZ dropped for this track, the visuals are amazing and it is edited extremely well.

We asked IAMFRIZ a couple questions about the Making of "Green Light".

Q. What inspired you to make "Green Light"?

A. "I got inspired to make “Green Light” because of the situations That was going on throughout 2018, so many tragedies world wide and even close to home so it molded me in to making this major song that really important if you listen closely."

Q. Who else worked on the track?

A. "I give a BIG shoutout to my brother who was on the production side of it (DaeJohnMadeIt) definitely a big help! But as far as the Engineering side of it that’s all me mixing and mastering I devoted time to 1 week to mix that song I wanted a certain sound to it."

Q. What is Green Light about to you?

A. "The song “Green Light” is about moving forward while your going through so many road blocks in life and situations from the past that was holding me back from my potential as now I can see the way through issues and problems with God being in my life and he lets me be free to release negative energy from my life and close ones to me but the video is out as well now you’ll see how the visual was constructed to interpret the message I’m giving off."

Listen to "Green Light" by IAMFRIZ here.

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