Huron John - 'Trapped In A Lava Lamp' EP

Huron John is a charismatic and wanderlust artist who engineers a nostalgia-inducing sound, reminiscent of Cartoon Network hits like Regular Show and Adventure Time. Taking credit for the mixing, mastering, and producing of all of his tracks, the 21-year-old from Chicago truly epitomizes the art of “bedroom pop.”

John dropped the A-side to his double LP, Apocalypse Wow / Cartoon Therapy, around 10 months ago, and he left his fanbase thoroughly captivated. Between the usage of Siri interpolates, quick cuts accompanied by joyous sirens, and refreshed, psychedelic synthesizers, it’s virtually impossible to find yourself bored in the midst of this collection. The uniformity and monotony that life often lingers in becomes a distant thought when listening to Huron John. Any dullness around you is replaced with constant, vivid daydreams and fantasies that are purely induced by the music he purports. This sublime entrancement begins with his most popular song, “Maple Syrup Tears,” and beautifully progresses through to the ending tracks of “Use the Birth for All it’s Worth,” and my personal favorite, “Andy.”

Huron John’s enthrallment blossomed even further on his brand new two-song EP consisting of the tracks, “Trapped in a Lava Lamp,” and “Arthur.” Every new track that dropped allows for a new jazzy and imaginative adventure to develop in your mind. For example, in the latter track, “Arthur,” John echoes,

“Dancing in the backroom,

Magic in the perfume,

We can get lost

Grooving in the background

I’ve been lost, but you found

We can exhaust

See a penny pickup

All the day you got luck

We can get lost in it together”

This audacious, peppy lyrical progression is accompanied by his usual erratic interpolates, and a Tinkerbell-esque rising chime that will have you wondering when you were transported to Neverland. Huron John’s ability to blend genres and seamlessly connect the sounds of digital-synthesizer bumps, subtle guitar patterns, and cheery, yet robotic vocals, cements him as a rising indie star you need to hear immediately.

Be on the lookout for the latter half of his double LP, Apocalypse Wow / Cartoon Therapy, to release later on in 2021. For now, however, I heavily encourage you to delve deep and bask in the discography of Huron John.

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