Hiddenhillsforever Comes Out Swinging On Debut EP — Review

Following his debut streaming single, "Get Away," Hillside Records artist Hiddenhillsforever released his first full-length project on Friday — a five-track EP titled Hell of a Night.

The up-and-comer's progression is proving evident; the EP is a polished extension of the sound and style previously established on "Get Away." It's vast and filled to the brim with echoing vocals — Hell of a Night exists within chamber deep underground — Hiddenhillsforever lets his vocals bounce across the walls and into the listener's psyche.

There are two personal highlights on this airtight record: the project's outro, "Endless," and his midpoint collaboration, "Glum." The latter sees Hiddenhillsforever use dancehall percussion and brief, yet memorable vocal bridges to piece together one of the EPs strongest tracks, all alongside a rock-solid feature by Bryan Cheru.

"Endless" is Hell of a Night's bookend — as well as its biggest triumph. There's so much to process in three-and-a-half minutes: one moment, he's pivoting between flow patterns — the next, he's shouting layered melodics into the void with the same ambition and confidence as The Weeknd on "Alone Again." "Endless" flips back and forth between club anthem and neo-spiritual croon, winding its way through heavy instrumentation and the oft-car engine.

Hell of a Night presents itself like a distant memory. It's as sentimental as it is catchy, and it has its unforgettable moments. If the debut EP is a sign of things to come for Hiddenhillsforever, then expect a foot on the gas pedal for years to come.