HateSonny - Do Not Disturb EP

HateSonny just released his latest EP Do Not Disturb. The 5 Track project rounds out with a 16 Minute run time. Which means you can listen to the full thing four times in a little over an hour, and I recommend that you do. This project is a strong stepping stone in the young artist’s promising career. Sonny’s unique style and versatile flow appear all throughout DND.

One the track "Relapse" produced by Will Samuels, Sonny digs deep and discusses his struggles with drug use, being lost in addiction, and loneliness. A soft spoken Sonny combined with a beat that consumes you into the atmosphere that he's describing makes this song come alive. It's a stand-out track on this very solid EP. I’ve found myself replaying this song over and over again.

"What You Need (Dreams II)" produced by Gunlock has one of the hardest instrumentals I've heard in a minute. Sonny’s flow and the hard hitting snare make it impossible for you not to move your head back and forth. The beat reminds me a lot of “Interlude” from Freewave 3 by Chicago’s very own Lucki. The distorted vocals and slowed instrumental to ride out the song was executed perfectly.

From front to back, Do Not Disturb is a quality EP that deserves a spot in your typical rotation. This project should leave you excited for what Sonny has coming in the future. A Star in the making.

Track list

(With Tagged Producer Credits)


1. Alone (Produced by Cade & Based1)

2. Way Back (Produced by Marcushurts & Ravi)

3. Relapse (Will Samuels)

4. What you Need [Dreams II] (Produced by Gunlock)

5. Out My Head (Produced by Gus Chvany)

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