Genius Of The Month: Drake

As the decade begins to wind down, there is a lot of discussion and debate on the horizon. These upcoming discussions and debates over the past decade in music will be centered upon the most crucial elements of musical legacy- cultural impact, boldness, creativity, novelty, longevity.

It would be awfully difficult to have a rational discussion over the past decade in music without mentioning Aubrey Graham.

When we look back on the 80s, for example, artists such as Michael Jackson and Prince are among the first to come to mind.

When we eventually look back on the 2010s, Drake will undoubtedly be one of the first artists to come to mind. We would be lying to ourselves if we said otherwise.

Ever since his “big break” following the release of 2010’s Thank Me Later, Drake has only gained more steam with each release. He has continued to show evolution on each album, proving year-in and year-out that he is one of the most dedicated and talented artists in the industry. Very few artists have honed their craft in the way Drake has.

In addition to his musical mastery, Drake has made a profound impact on pop culture as a whole- from acting to fashion; from memes to catchphrases- Drake has solidified his success by intelligently capitalizing on his multifaceted array of talents, fusing them all together into a distinguishable experience. Drake’s influence reaches to nearly every corner of pop culture.

He keeps his friends close, and his enemies closer. Drake is a titan in the game, truly playing in a league of his own. He plays by his own rules- the rest of the game just follows suit.

In honor of a decade of dominance, I see no one else more fit for the October Genius of the Month than Drake. October is known as Drizzy’s month, so that’s a plus. In usual GOTM fashion, I will break down the epic story of Aubrey Graham and take my shot at articulating what makes him such a unique talent. Here goes:


Aubrey Drake Graham was born October 24, 1986 in his illustrious hometown of Toronto. He was born to Dennis Graham, a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, and Sandra Graham, a florist. His parents divorced when Drake was 5, resulting in Drake staying in Toronto with his mom and traveling to Memphis to see his dad every summer. Drake’s mother was Jewish, placing him in Jewish Day School as a child. Drake also celebrated a Bar Mitzvah.

Drake and his mother lived in two Toronto neighborhoods. As a child, they lived in the Weston Road area where he grew up playing minor hockey. They later moved to Forest Hill, an affluent neighborhood where they could only afford to share a house with another family. Drake attended two different high schools, first beginning his acting career while attending Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. He later attended Vaughan Road Academy, where he claims he was bulli