Future and Drake Release "Life Is Good" and Prove They're Still The Best Duo in Hip-Hop

Drake and Future have come together for the first time in several years with the release of "Life is Good". The track is presumably their first single off the highly anticipated sequel to What a Time To Be Alive.

The release was accompanied by a video, and it begins with Drake delivering bars that will surely be flooding Instagram captions for the next month. Drizzy talks his shit and spits the braggadocios bars we're accustomed to hearing from Hip-Hop's Crown Holder. He highlights the work ethic that he and Future are famous for and shouts out Virgil Abloh, the head honcho of Louis Vuitton, for providing him a custom watch.

"Life is Good" also features a jaw-dropping beat switch that's interluded by Future saying, and I quote, "It's cool, man, got red bottoms on. Life is good, you know what I mean? Like--," and then we're blessed with two full minutes of peak Hendrix. The toxicity from the trap game Messiah hasn't wavered a bit, and the bar-to-bar delivery is hyped by his prominent "WOO" ad-lib.

The music video itself features guest appearances from Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and Mike Will Made It Directed by Julien Christian Luis (also known as Director X) looked as cinematically professional as Superfly. What made this video a memorable experience wasn’t the music alone, but was the sneaky bits of humor in it. Whether it was Drake and Future operating as tech “geniuses” with an Apple logo impression displaying a peach with two handprints, or Hendrix telling Drake in the back of the fast food restaurant that he had bars and he wanted Drizzy to direct his first music video. This would’ve been a fun experience even without the slapper at its forefront.

With their newest single, the duo has proven that they’re still the most dynamite two-headed monster in hip-hop. If you disagree, then that's fine and all, but at least allow me to show you their resume together:

  • "Love Me" by Lil Wayne featuring Drake & Future (2013)

  • "DnF" by P. Reign featuring Drake & Future (2014)

  • "Where Ya At" Future featuring Drake on DS2 (2015)

  • What a Time To Be Alive (2015)

  • "Grammys" Drake featuring Future (2016)

  • "100it Racks" by Future & D.J. Esco featuring Drake and 2 Chains (2016)

  • "Life is Good" by Future featuring Drake (2020)

I would argue that the two are 14/15 from the field on tracks alongside one another (“Big Rings” is the only miss IMO). “Life is Good” is only pushing their momentum forward. It’s safe to say that fans will be awaiting this album more than most other projects in 2020, and if there's one thing we know about the LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of rap music, they'll drop it whenever they feel it's perfected. That could be today, tomorrow, next month, or in December. Only they know, and that's perfectly okay with us.