Five Most Intriguing NFL Teams to Watch in 2019

Let's be honest. We're at a point in the offseason where we're just waiting for the preseason. Nobody's talking about the NFL. Everybody's talking about the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors, who both won their first championships after incredible playoff runs. Shout out Ryan O'Reilly and Kawhi Leonard leading their respective teams to titles. Back to the NFL. The free agency period was crazy. We saw big-time receivers get traded, massive free agent signings, and one of the greatest at his position hang up their cleats. Sorry, Josh McCown, I'm not talking about you. Without further ado, let's get into the five most intriguing teams to watch in the upcoming NFL season. And heck, I'll even throw in an honorable mention for you guys.

Honorable Mention: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This could come as a surprise for a few people, but I think Tampa Bay is a team that could shock the NFL. Bruce Arians returns to the sidelines after a year hiatus and gets an offense with multiple young, explosive pieces. He gets a chance to work with former number one overall pick Jameis Winston, who's had an underwhelming career up to this point. However, he has shown flashes of being a top ten quarterback. Their defense also has a new look, now being led by former New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles. In addition, they added LSU linebacker Devin White to take over the middle of the defense that was led by Kwon Alexander. I can easily see this team going 6-10 or 5-11 and disappointing everyone once again, but I could also see them going 9-7 and fighting for a wild-card spot. Whatever the case may be, this team is going to score a ton of points.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills could be a team that can make some noise in an AFC East division that has been dominated by the New England Patriots for the past two decades. Josh Allen shocked many last year, as he showed his ability to not only throw the ball but run the ball very effectively. Still, the Bills were a bottom ten offensive team and needed to do something about it. That's exactly what they did. New pieces on the offensive line, check. A rookie running back that can compete for a starting job right away, check. Two new receivers that have contrasting styles, yet will help Allen mightily, check. The Bills knew what they had to do this offseason. They knew they had a strong defense already, led by one of the better secondaries in football. Buffalo needed to improve their offense and give Josh Allen an opportunity to succeed. This will be an extremely fun team to watch in 2019.

New York Jets

Another AFC East team that has the potential to make noise. Another team with a second-year quarterback looking to build off his rookie season. A team that went on a crazy spending spree this offseason. The New York Jets have been stuck in mediocrity since the early Mark Sanchez era that saw them make two straight AFC championships. They're looking to change that narrative. Let's start with potentially the biggest free agent signing of the entire offseason. Le'Veon Bell. Arguably the best running back in all of football. A guy who bet on himself, sat out all of last season while looking for a new contract. While he 's likely to struggle after not playing for a full year, we know what he's capable of. He has the potential of changing the entire dynamic of the offense. In addition, the Jets also made a huge splash on the defensive side of the ball. They signed former Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley to run the middle of their defense. Mosley is one of the best linebackers in the game, and now give the Jets star power at every level on the defense. This is a team that could fight for the wild card.

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are on Hard Knocks for a reason. And that reason is Antonio Brown. Wherever AB goes, controversy follows. I'm gonna set the over-under of fights between him and Derek Carr at 3.5 (take the over). Oh, and who can forget about Jon Gruden? One of the most entertaining coaches to ever grace a football field. Gruden and Carr already have a complicated love-hate relationship. Add on AB and this is going to be absolute television gold. Oakland also did add former Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Tyrell Williams to go along with Antonio Brown, which makes for a pretty good tandem. The Raiders defense is still a work in progress. They will look to young guys Clelin Ferrell and Gareon Conley to provide passion and swagger to a defense that traded away it's best player a season ago. Oakland, get ready, it's gonna be a long, yet entertaining year.

Arizona Cardinals

New coach, a rookie quarterback taken number one overall, one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. The Arizona Cardinals have the recipe to be one of the most fun teams to watch next year. Kyler Murray will look to lead the Cardinals out of the cellar after the team brutally struggled under Josh Rosen last season. Murray is a highlight machine, and we all witnessed what he was able to do at his time at Oklahoma. We saw him throw dimes on a pretty regular basis. We also saw him use his legs and running ability to stretch out some long runs. At his disposal, he has a plethora of weapons that will help his transition be smooth. He has the luxury of playing with David Johnson, who many considered the best running back in all of football a few short years ago. Additionally, he gets to work with Larry Fitzgerald, who's one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, and a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. Arizona will most likely struggle again this season, but all of the storylines that surround this team make them one of the most intriguing teams to watch for in 2019.

Cleveland Browns

I mean, come on now. Did you actually expect a different team here? We all know the Cleveland Browns are going to be the most must-watch team next year. I've talked about them multiple times already, so I will just touch on them briefly. They have a lot of big personalities in that locker room. I don't know if their locker room has enough space in it for the amount of ego's that they have. They're the team everyone is talking about. Honestly, it's playoff or bust for the Browns this year. General Manager John Dorsey keeps making great move after great move. This is the year that it could potentially pay off for them. However, will they're massive ego eventually lead to their downfall? We'll find out, but there's one thing that is for sure. This will be the most intriguing team in the NFL in 2019.