• Howard Butler

"Fever" by seeyousoon launches the rising rap group into a new echelon

There's always a different dynamic that comes with a rap group compared to a trio, duo, or solo act. Florida's seeyousoon is a group consisting of nine members who draw stylistic influence from the alternative rap supergroups that came before them, such as Odd Future and Brockhampton. Over 2020, seeyousoon began to pick up traction with their breakout song "Ben Affleck" off of their project VIDÉ, which grabbed enough of my attention in late-July to make my Top 30 Projects of the Year list. While you wait for that list—presuming that you give any sort of a damn—you need to check out their brand new single "Fever."

"Fever" continues to play into the group's biggest strength—diversity. Their expanded roster allows them to utilize the many talented MCs, vocalists, writers, and producers over the span of a track, encouraging their sound to break the mold set by the preceding track. With their latest release, the instrumental dives even further into diverse experimentation—featuring an instrumental consisting of hard-hitting percussion that sounds straight out of the future. One thing that remains consistent throughout their discography is their ability to flat-out rap. seeyousoon always brings bountiful bars; the one that stood out to me from the jump was:

"Wandering, wandering, just like Christian I'm pondering / Lost in insomnia, I hear voices they're calling out."

If you haven't gotten around to checking out the rising Florida group seeyousoon, I highly suggest you get onto them now before they're everywhere.

Check out the track above, as well as the video to last year's breakout song "Ben Affleck" below.

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