• Brooke Brennan

Fashion Trends: 2020 to 2021

New year, new fashion.

The redefining of “a fit” in 2020 revolutionized a new wave of trends, styles, and details. With limited places to go, the way you were styled while going out seemed to be more crucial than ever before. From jewelry, to shoes, to pants2020 set some trends that will not be left behind. And with the seeds planted, the plants of businesses grew. A key takeaway from 2020 is the importance of the “cozy look” fit. With more time and effort going into creating a fit, detailed pants, sneaker coordination, and accessorizing became central.

In 2021, we are bringing in jackets that complete outfits, shirts that captivate details, pants that draw attention, and accessories to tie any outfit together. Included are the Instagram handles of rising brands who are setting these trends, along with their pieces that are trending. Make sure to check them out! Here is what's trending to start off 2021.


The importance of a jacket is the ability to layer. A jacket is a detail and a key piece that brings an outfit together. The popularity of vintage windbreakers and college gear comes together. An emergence of skeleton printed clothing is on the rise. This print combined with the essential jean jacket makes for an eye-catching jacket that will add detail to any outfit.

A staple coming from Europe is bomber jackets. They are available in almost any color and design, and they are the perfect finishing touch. Finally, one of the most anticipated trends for 2021 is bandana/paisley print.






Highly popular around the world, flannels are a staple in any closet and can be the finishing touch to any outfit. And with streetwear influences continuing to grow, graphic hoodies are a necessity. Whether it’s detailed prints, vintage, or logosget your graphic hoodies now. And for this winter, a turtleneck will step up any outfit.

The “Sail”/cream/off-white color continuously popularized in 2020 and is here to stay in 2021. As we’ve seen from Nike, shoes in this color are in high demand.

But perhaps the biggest trend carrying over are matching sweatsuits. With graphics and detail to color coordination, a sweatsuit makes the perfect “cozy look” fit.







We have finally unlocked the secret to perfecting an outfit: detailed pants. Quickly on the rise are stacked jeans. These are perfect to show off your sneakers or to add detail. Thankfully, 2020 revealed the true importance of sweatpants. Not your typical around-the-house sweatpants, but outfit-completing sweatpants. These can take a plain outfit to a coordinated, more-detailed look.

Soon to become a staple in every wardrobe are patchwork jeans - the perfect way to add detail, pattern, and another color pallet. A predicted central pair of pants in 2021 will be bandana/paisley printed patchworked pants.

Seemingly, the variety and influential popularity of cargo pants have made them an essential pant that complete any outfit giving a streetwear touch or stylish finish.






The most important accessory for winter: a beanie. Grow your collection and coordinate your beanies. A detail to complete any outfit is a hat. The rise in hat collections is growing because this accessory will bring together the details of an outfit in a critical way. Try logos, vintage brands, and sports teams.

One of our biggest takeaways from 2020 has been sneakers. With continuous releases and the never-ending demand, sneakers are everything. But with great sneakers comes a great responsibility to wear them right and make them your own. The unique detail of shoelaces will set your sneakers apartdifferent laces, lacing pattern, or a different color altogether.