Early offseason to-do list for all 32 NFL teams

As we near the end of the 2020 NFL regular season, I look ahead and predict what every NFL team's "to-do list" should look like. This season was probably the weirdest and toughest season in recent memory, but NFL teams can't feel sorry for themselves. Reloading is the most important process for NFL teamsregardless of where they finish in the standings. From Jets to Chiefs, I got you guys. Let's get started.


Cincinnati Bengals: Address the terrible offensive line

The Bengals have a great opportunity to capitalize on some offensive line helpeither in free agency, or with OT Penei Sewell from Oregon. If promising rookie quarterback Joe Burrow is going to turn their franchise around, he will need to not get sacked every other play and stay healthy.

Cleveland Browns: Bolster the defensive line

Despite having a top-five pass rusher in Myles Garrett, the Browns have lacked in the sack department defensively. To have a top lineman and only produce 30 sacks is not getting the job done.

Baltimore Ravens: Find their future number one WR

It has been no secret that the Ravens' passing offense has been abysmal this year, as they do not have a true number one wide receiver. There are plenty of options to pursue at the wide receiver position this off-season.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Draft Ben Roethlisberger's replacement

The Steelers will be good for many years to come if they can keep their core leaders on offense and defense. However, we know Ben Roethlisberger is not the future answer. In the NFL Draft in April, there will be plenty of quarterbacks to choose from, and that would be a perfect opportunity for the Steelers. Groom the guy for a year, then throw him into that loaded offense.