Early offseason to-do list for all 32 NFL teams

As we near the end of the 2020 NFL regular season, I look ahead and predict what every NFL team's "to-do list" should look like. This season was probably the weirdest and toughest season in recent memory, but NFL teams can't feel sorry for themselves. Reloading is the most important process for NFL teamsregardless of where they finish in the standings. From Jets to Chiefs, I got you guys. Let's get started.


Cincinnati Bengals: Address the terrible offensive line

The Bengals have a great opportunity to capitalize on some offensive line helpeither in free agency, or with OT Penei Sewell from Oregon. If promising rookie quarterback Joe Burrow is going to turn their franchise around, he will need to not get sacked every other play and stay healthy.

Cleveland Browns: Bolster the defensive line

Despite having a top-five pass rusher in Myles Garrett, the Browns have lacked in the sack department defensively. To have a top lineman and only produce 30 sacks is not getting the job done.

Baltimore Ravens: Find their future number one WR

It has been no secret that the Ravens' passing offense has been abysmal this year, as they do not have a true number one wide receiver. There are plenty of options to pursue at the wide receiver position this off-season.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Draft Ben Roethlisberger's replacement

The Steelers will be good for many years to come if they can keep their core leaders on offense and defense. However, we know Ben Roethlisberger is not the future answer. In the NFL Draft in April, there will be plenty of quarterbacks to choose from, and that would be a perfect opportunity for the Steelers. Groom the guy for a year, then throw him into that loaded offense.


Green Bay Packers: Finally draft a wide receiver in the first round

Packers fansthis is for you; we hear your frustrations. Aaron Rodgers has been having an absolutely unstoppable season with his partner in crime Devante Adams. Looking around the league, the best offenses have two good receivers, and the Packers don't have a solid number two. Imagine someone reliable besides Adams downfield for Rodgers! Robert Tonyan has been a pleasant surprise at tight end, but they still need another receiver.

Chicago Bears: Quarterback, simply

Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles, Uncle Rico... you get the point. It's time to commit to a new quarterback. Even though they are out of Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields-range in the draft, there are many intriguing prospects that have more hope than Trubisky. The Bears have a very solid team, but nobody knows that because their most important position cannot lead the team.

Detroit Lions: Get. A. Pass. Rusher.

31st in points allowed as a defense is not good at all, especially when there are so many holes to fix. For me, I believe starting at the front of the defense would be a good start. Getting after the quarterback has become more and more important as the league continues to turn towards passing. This defense needs a whole lot, but getting a pass rusher would be very helpful.

Minnesota Vikings: Solidify the secondary by adding a few cornerbacks

The 2020 Vikings' defense has been really beaten up losing stars like Danielle Hunter and Eric Kendricks, but their secondary has been the real issue. Their offense is thriving even with trash quarterback Kirk Cousins (whom they are stuck with for another season) alongside Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen and rookie Justin Jefferson. Stop the nosebleed by filling in the corner slot.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Draft Trevor Lawrence. Don't mess it up.

If the Jaguars hold onto the first pick, they will bring home Lawrencethe best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. They have a great offensive line alongside a promising young trio of James Robinson, D.J Chark, and Laviska Shenault. Perfect landing spot for Lawrence. Thanks, Jets!

Houston Texans: Bring in interior line help

The Texans' defense could not stop me with a high-school offensive line in front of me. They were dead last in almost every rush defense category this year, and it cost them games. They still have future Hall of Famer J.J Watt, but that is it. They also need a cornerback badly, but I believe they should start by not giving up 100 rush yards a game.

Indianapolis Colts: Draft young QB or WR

For the Colts, quarterback Phillip Rivers has stated he only wants to play one more year, and he already isn't that good. Build around one of the many quarterbacks expected to go in the first round. Other than that, bolster the receiving corps so it's not just old T.Y Hilton and Michael Pittman Jr. every catch.

Tennessee Titans: Establish the pass rush

They haven't really gotten anything from former number one overall pick Jadeveon Clowney this year and it has shown. Ranking 28th against the pass shows that there is a lot of work to be done. Their secondary is solidled by Kevin Byard, but it starts up front. Give that loaded offense a break!


Atlanta Falcons: They have only 22 sacks this yearwhat do you think?

Pass rusher wanted! Last in the NFL in sacks, they are abysmal at getting to the quarterbacka very big reason they always blow leads. Their secondary doesn't make it much easier as they are getting cooked like bacon every snap.

Carolina Panthers: Get their next Greg Olsen

If their offense wants to hit that next gear, go out and get star tight end, Kyle Pitts, from Florida. Regardless if it's him or not, they need one badly. They will be in the draft range to get him, as they would reap the rewards of having a playmaker at that position again.

New Orleans Saints: Give Jameis Winston a 5 year, $200 million contract (sorry, just wanted my boss to see this)...but address the quarterback void to-be

I've mentioned plenty of times that there are many good quarterback prospects coming into the league this year, and with their current cap situation and Drew Brees' pending retirement, it's the smart thing to do to keep that Super Bowl window creaked open.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Give the old quarterback protection

Tom Brady has all the help he could dream for by having three Pro Bowl-caliber receivers, a Hall of Fame tight end, and great running back depth. The one glaring need of this team is the offensive line.


New England Patriots: Get Bill his next project quarterback or supply a damn receiver that actually gets open

The Patriots are out of the playoffs for the first time since 2008, and why? Their offense is so incredibly stale. So bad that the best football coach of all time doesn't know what to do. Get this team some playmakers, and then we can talk.

New York Jets: Please look for a head coach

Do you ever see Adam Gase standing on a podium with the Lombardi? Not even if I was the Jets in a Madden franchise. They have so many needs involving a quarterback and every skill position under the sun, but it all starts with the head coach. You can't grow if your head coach is a headcase; FIRE GASE! It even rhymes, people...

Miami Dolphins: Commit to a workhorse back

Myles Gaskin has shown promise, but the one thing that will help rookie Tua Tagovailoa is a consistent running game. They have a good passing attack and a great O-line; this is what they need whether they draft a running back or stick with their own.

Buffalo Bills- Get Josh Allen a running back

The Bills' offense has exploded into the playoffs this year as Josh Allen has been firing on all cylinders with Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley. If they had a consistent running game, they would be perfectly multidimensional.


Philadelphia Eagles: Clear up cap room **cough** that Wentz dude **cough**

What a weird season in Philly so far. I believe the best interest and the top priority for the Eagles is to build around rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. He has earned the starting job and the Eagles need to attempt to trade Carson Wentz to free up money and commit to Hurts. Other than that, draft a receiver or linebacker or I will cry.

Dallas Cowboys: **Google how to get a whole new defense**

The Cowboys' offense has a promising future as long as Dak Prescott can come back healthy, but their defense is a sight for sore eyes. They need major help at all three levels of the defense in any way they can get it. I expect Jerry Jones to be aggressive this off-season; maybe that means another receiver, who knows?

Washington Football Team: Add to the offense

Whether it is bringing in a new quarterback, receiver, or offensive linedo it. Build around superstar Terry McLaurin. Their defense has been very solid this year, and it would truly benefit them to bolster the offensive side of the ball for a change.

New York Giants: Keep bolstering the offensive line

When Saquon Barkley returns next season, wouldn't it be nice to have holes for him to run through? It would also help out Daniel Jones as he heads into a contract year with the team. This young team needs help up front in the trenches.


Kansas City Chiefs: Add a pass rusher to pair with Frank Clark and Chris Jones

We know how loaded the Chiefs are on the offensive side of the ball, and yet the funny thing is that their defense is also pretty good. In my opinion, it would be in their best interest to add a new pass rusher to that defensive line so they could create more havoc. Their secondary and linebacking corps are very stout and don't need fixing.

Los Angeles Chargers: Go shopping for a new head coachAnthony Lynn sucks

Throughout the past two years, the Chargers are 4-16 in one-score games since 2019. What the hell? Watching the end of a Chargers game makes you want to laugh, cry for the players, and be mad at the same time. Anthony Lynn needs to be gone as soon as the season ends on Sunday, and they need to look for a new coach to lead them. They have a very promising young roster headlining Joey Bosa, Derwin James, and Justin Herbert. They should have a bright future under new leadership.

Las Vegas Raiders: Anything and everything on the defensive side of the ball

Derek Carr and the Raiders' offense were a vast improvement from last year, with Darren Waller becoming a top-three tight end and Nelson Agholor being a surprise at the receiver position. However, their record does not seem as good as it should be with that offense, and it's because of their defense. Their defense was atrocious this year on all three levels. They need pass rush, competent linebackers, and corners. Good luck Gruden and Mayock.

Denver Broncos: Bring in an athletic linebacker to be their next field general

Injuries were simply the story for the 2020 Denver Broncos, unfortunately, but I think they have a lot of upside heading into 2021. One area they should improve is the linebacking corps, as they could benefit from having a speedy hybrid linebacker to solidify the middle of the defense. Their defensive line and secondary will be fully healthy going into the new year, and they would benefit from this change.


Arizona Cardinals: Bring in a good tight end for once

Even though the Cardinals' offense was in the top five for almost every offensive category, it seemed like they were still a year away from being a contender. The breakout of Kyler Murray supported by DeAndre Hopkins was very fun to watch, as their offense has a lot of weapons. The one thing they could hugely benefit from, however, is a new tight end. The tight ends with the most reps for the Cardinals this year were Dan Arnold and Maxx Williams; so,