If Drake is Batman, who is his best Robin?

There are few artists in music history who have achieved the same influence and hierarchically dominating platform that Drake holds in his pocket in 2020. It's safe to say that he's utilized that responsibility to the best of his ability. If it weren't for Drake, mainstream audiences may have never heard of ILoveMakonnen, BlocBoy JB, or even Lil Baby or The Weeknd, for that matter.

Drake has not only catapulted artists without any semblance of a cult following into extraordinary fame, but he has also elevated mainstay artists to a higher level than they'd ever been accustomed to. But Drake's proteges and peers aren't the only ones who benefit from these transactions. Drake himself has been a beneficiary of these business partnerships, as well.

So, who is Drake's best counterpart? Who has served as the best sidekick a la Scottie Pippen or Robin? There's a multitude of contenders, but there can only be one crowned jewel amongst this star-studded lot.

10. Kanye West

Photo credit: MTV

Best collaborative efforts: "Forever," "Glow," "Pop Style," and "Blessings"

Despite their recent beef that's been carrying on for nearly two-and-a-half years now, Drake and Kanye West have been bigger influences on one another than nearly any other artists in each other's trajectories. There wouldn't be Drake without 808's & Heartbreak. There wouldn't be The Life of Pablo if it weren't for Drake. We were this fucking close to getting their collab album, Wolves, and now it will never see the light of day barring some next-level hypnotic mediation by Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Jesus Christ himself.

9. Kendrick Lamar

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Best collaborative efforts: "Poetic Justice," "Fuckin' Problems," and "Buried Alive Interlude"

"They told me to take an R&B n***a on the road / and I told them 'No,' and drew for Kendrick and Rocky / I tried to make the right choices with the world watching," said Drake on "4PM in Calabasas." This isn't to say that Kendrick wouldn't have evolved into the best lyricist in modern hip-hop if it weren't for Drake, but Drizzy definitively helped boost K Dot into unparalleled superstardom. "Poetic Justice" is potentially the best song on this entire list, and there isn't a crime that I wouldn't commit to get an eight-track tape from these two.

8. Travis Scott

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Best collaborative efforts: "Company," "Portland," and "Sicko Mode"

Everybody recognizes the instrumental to "Portland," and the bar-banging radio hit "Sicko Mode," but this duo's best effort is far and away "Company," one of the standout songs on If You're Reading This It's Too Late. Travis brings out the rottweiler in Drake to the best degree, and it's fun to say that anytime these two hop on a track together, there are two different rappers with Air Jordan sponsorships coming together to form like Voltron (shoutout Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the 36 Chambers).

7. Nicki Minaj