Dobbs Mock Draft 1.0

  1. Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence: This pick shouldn't be hard to understand. In fact, if you are reading this I'm going to assume you already knew this was gonna be the pick; therefore, I'll save us both time on this one.

  2. Jets - Zach Wilson: Some people don’t know how to feel about Wilson due to the lack of competition he faced in college; some would tell you about how a big chunk of his throws are made on RPOs. Look, no matter how you slice it; Zach Wilson has the potential to be the best. Yes, THE best out of this class. The ceiling he has with the intangibles to his game are sky-high.

  3. 49ers - Justin Fields: Yes, I have heard… Allegedly, a 49ers staff member had leaked that they were drafting Mac Jones, or at least that it was very likely. I am going to view it either as some kind of odd smokescreen or miscommunication because I simply don’t see Kyle Shannahan passing on having someone with the potential that Fields possesses, as well as the dual-threat he creates with his legs in his system of offense.

  4. Broncos - Trey Lance: The Falcons have allegedly been in talks with teams that are interested in trading up. So, in come the Broncos to swipe that pick up to take the risk on Trey Lance and potentially strike gold. Lance has all the physical tools to be an NFL starter from day one. The question surrounding his development is, "Can he become as accurate as he needs to be, in order to be worth this high of a selection?"

  5. Bengals - Ja’marr Chase: I have been hearing a lot lately that “Chase is the best receiver prospect since Julio Jones.” With all due respect to Julio and the world-class Hall Of Famer that he is, if you were comparing both of their final seasons in college, the tape from Chase is frankly more explosive. Am I saying that he is going to be better than Julio Jones? No. Am I saying there is a chance that he could be? …Just maybe. That’s how special of a receiver prospect Ja’marr Chase is. With all that being said, obviously the Bengals desperately need an offensive tackle, but since Chase has generational potential and that connection with Bengals QB Joe Burrow from LSU, passing on him here almost seems criminal.

  6. Dolphins - Kyle Pitts: If you don’t know about Kyle Pitts by now, I really don’t know where you have been. But, I'll keep this short: the Fins get their guy who can line up anywhere on the field offensively and dominate. He is quite literally a walking NFL mismatch.

  7. Lions - Penei Sewell: Now, Sewell being selected by a Lions team in their current state may raise a few eyebrows. But, the way I'm seeing it; I think the Lions take their new cornerstone O-lineman who is easily one of the best overall prospects in this draft and one of the best tackle prospects to come out of college in over a decade, period. This seems to be forgotten about more and more throughout this draft process, and frankly, it has left me very confused.

  8. Panthers - Micah Parsons: Parsons is one of the most polished talents at linebacker coming out of college in a long while. He is a grade-A run stuffer and also can definitely hold his own in coverage. A team like the Panthers, who utilize two middle linebackers, would put Parsons into immediate high snap usage and it just feels like the right fit when you consider the cornerstone of the Panthers' defense was their All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly, who is only one year removed from the game of football. Parsons can be the guy they need again so desperately in that role.

  9. Falcons- Jaycee Horn: Semi-unpopular opinion here… Jaycee Horn is CB1 to me all day long. He is a fantastic press corner, which has never been more important in the modern era of football than now. With all these uber-talented receivers coming into the league all with fantastic release packages, you need a corner like Horn to at least jam their route and throw off the play from the jump. And, let me tell you: the Falcons are very much in need of a DB1.

  10. Cowboys - Patrick Surtain: Now comes my CB2, Patrick Surtain. Let me just include here that the line that separates Horn and Surtain II is so very thin you could hardly see it if it were in fact a physical, non-metaphorical line. They're virtually the same kind of player, minus minimal intangible differences. It's what you could call a “toss-up” between the two for that elusive CB1 title. With that said, the Cowboys are another team in immediate need of a very talented DB who can produce from day one, and Surtain should be that pick with his measurables and talent. For the record also, I do think his FLOOR is higher than Horn’s.

  11. Giants - Rashawn Slater: Slater would be OT1 in literally almost any other class in history; unfortunately for him, he shares this class with Mr. Sewell. His combination of power, size, and pass protection ability is incredibly rare, and he’s the kind of player who has a sky-high ceiling and a very high floor to go with it. It should be hard for the Giants to pass on him here with such a pressing need at O-line.

  12. Eagles - Greg Newsome: There seems to be a lot of people who hardly know who Greg Newsome is at this point of the draft process. Let me key you in very quickly; if Newsome had better measurables, he would seriously be contending pound-for-pound for CB1. His tape is nearly flawless, and he plays with very sound technique. If he can overcome his lack of great measurables, he is going to be a very good corner at the NFL level.

  13. Chargers - Christian Darrisaw: Christian Darrisaw is a pure mauler, but more importantly, he almost never lets people past him in pass protection. The Chargers O-line certainly feels like a weak link on a rather strong roster at the moment. So, it only makes sense they draft a young tackle here to watch over Justin Herbert for years to come.

  14. Vikings - Jaylen Waddle: I already hear people complaining about how the Vikings have much more pressing needs, but you know what… having the opportunity to pair up Justin Jefferson and Jaylen Waddle and then not doing it just feels wrong. Plus, I need you to consider that Thielen is only getting older, and the Vikings don’t have a consistent third option at the moment.

  15. Patriots - Mac Jones: On this one, I already hear you guys saying, “But dude, didn't you see Bill Belichick shaking his head on that overthrow? No way in hell he wants this guy.” Look, we have no context on what he was shaking his head about; hell, for all we know, he could have been answering a question asked by McDaniels. Even if he was shaking his head at the throw... If Jones is available here, I think the Patriots are willing to take a shot on him. His arm talent isn’t great, but it's good. He processes information quickly and he has a very fast release.

  16. Cardinals - Teven Jenkins: Teven Jenkins is a violent player, and I mean that in the best way possible. He likes mauling down other grown men, and he has the frame to do it from day one in the NFL. The question now seems to be whether he will be doing that at tackle or guard. No matter which one, the Cardinals need help anywhere they can get it in relation to protecting Kyler Murray.

  17. Raiders - Christian Barmore: Barmore is the most dominant interior D-lineman in this class. He has the body to produce from day one, and he has a flurry of moves that he uses to get to the quarterback. He would fit perfectly in Vegas, where they are in dire need of an interior force.

  18. Dolphins - Devonta Smith: Dovonta Smith has it all, minus great size. The thing is, though, he makes up for his lack of size with his ability to break any press virtually untouched. He seriously is a freak with his releases and is a home-run threat whenever the ball touches his hands, offense or special teams.

  19. Football Team - Caleb Farley: The Football Team just feels like a squad that is in a good position to take the potential home-run shot on Farley. If you didn’t know, Farley was widely considered to be the CB1 out of this class before his recent back surgery. He was already a player who has had injury problems, and this recent surgery after a year off from football is concerning to many teams, for obvious reasons. However, he ran an (unofficial) 4.28 40-yard dash pre-surgery, and regardless of whether that's entirely accurate, he was a fantastic corner on tape with a really nice frame. If he can stay healthy, he has "future superstar" written all over him.

  20. Bears - Rondale Moore: Do the Bears have more pressing needs at the moment? Absolutely. Is Rondale Moore such a potentially game-changing talent that a team like the Bears, whose immediate future probably isn't winning at a high level, would be smart to swing for the fences and have a guy like him on the roster for the future? Yes.

  21. Colts - Jayson Oweh: Jayson Oweh is truly about as interesting a prospect as you could find in this draft, and that’s really saying something. The first thing I need to address is, yes; he is VERY raw as a football player. He has a really nice frame, but it’s just far from where he needs to be in terms of filling out that frame. If he can fill out properly and develop a consistent set of rush moves, he could be really special. He has run a 4.3 multiple times to show it isn’t a fluke; having speed like that off the edge is about as rare as seeing a comet land on the surface of a planet.

  22. Titans - Elijah Moore: Elijah Moore off the board to the Titans just feels so right. Corey Davis just departed this offseason; they already need more weapons, and he would be a great compliment to A.J. Brown. I think if he is still sitting here, which he should be, there is a good chance Tennessee pulls the trigger.

  23. Jets - Alijah Vera-Tucker: Okay, Jets fans; you got your QB of the future. Now, how about someone to help protect him at a high level? Vera-Tucker would be a great fit here due to his ability to really plug in at either the guard or tackle and still be a productive player in either spot. However, I do think he will be at his best as a pro playing at guard due to his arm/hand size.

  24. Steelers - Gregory Rousseau: Easily one