Divine Violence 2020 Spring/Summer Drop

Divine Violence's Spring/Summer Drop will be live on April 10th at 4PM EST the link below : https://www.divineviolence.com/

What is Divine Violence?

DV : "Divine Violence was started in September of 2019. I left the company I was previously designing for & I felt that it was time for me to branch out and go for something new so I decided to start my own company. Divine Violence is a company for the unaccepted. No matter if your black or white, gay or straight, small or big it doesn't matter. The goal is to showcase beauty in all types of people, to push the boundaries & break what is seen as “normal”."

What inspired the 3D Design?

DV : "Late 90’s to early 2000’s. I grew up watching a lot of VHS tapes and skateboarding videos so the aesthetic from those videos really inspired me."

What was your process in creating this collection?

DV : "This collection was completely unplanned. I was finishing another collection that I was working on and ended up hating it so I made the VHS & Rockstar Tees one night and decided to make those into a little summer collection. Something small & simple but still all solid pieces."

What are you hoping to achieve with this drop and what can we expect from Divine Violence the rest of 2020?

DV : "I'm hoping to achieve the best drop we've had yet. You can definitely expect new releases every month & a few collabs this year. Follow us on instagram to stay posted @divineviolence. Thank you all for supporting, stay safe out here."

Peace & Love - Evan