Interview: Dayyyzzz

Coming straight out of Seattle is a rapper named Dayyyzzz, who's bars and song titles will actually leave you... dazed. From early titles like "Olympus" I've known that this wasn't your normal clout-chasing SoundCloud rapper I was listening to - his sound truly is unique. This kid knows what needs to be sacrificed in order to be successful and throughout this interview you'll learn what those sacrifices are and how they've played a large influence in his recent move to LA.

Are you your favorite rapper?

In all honesty, I feel like I have to be if I want to take my music seriously and expand my fan-base. I have a fair share of favorite rappers myself of course, artists like Quentin Miller and ASAP Mob but they don't inspire my sound at all.

Do you own a Juul?

I'm a freelance Juul-er. If it's around, I'll smack it but personally I don't own one. I'm way too focused on my music at this point to worry about mint pods.

Why aren't some of my favorite songs like "Pop The Function" or "Bout The Sound" on SoundCloud anymore?

Those songs really helped me create a homegrown fan base for myself but I made the decision that I wanted to get rid of them for right now because my music is headed in a new direction. Don't worry though, I have plans on putting them out again after they're remastered and perfected.

I saw you smoking a Backwood in your hit ELEVATOR music video for "Sh33zOnnerBack!", did you roll it?

I can roll a decent one but shouts out to my boy Matt for always rolling up those gorilla fingers though! Honestly, I don't even smoke like that anymore I had to slow myself down and get focused if I want to reach my full potential.

Speaking of music videos, should we expect anymore anytime soon?

I got a project dropping in August (!!!) and we already have a few music videos done for some songs appearing on it.

Was the first song you made gas or trash?

The name of the song was "The Feeling" and it was made in the "Shed", where my passion for production and music began. I'll always have love for that song and the inspiration behind it even though I removed that one from SoundCloud as well to be remastered.

Can you explain what a "Clout Demon" is?

After moving to LA, I was just overwhelmed with how much people invested in being the next big thing and doing whatever was necessary to gain some clout. I called'em demons because people were really aggressive and persistent on getting clout off lame shit.

Are you a hypebeast?

Nah, if I like it I'll buy it. I can't be out here being a hypocrite and buying expensive garments for clout.

What's your relationship like with fellow Seattle-based rapper, IB On The Beat?

In high school this kid randomly decided to message me and said "I'm coming over and showing you my music." Obviously I was like hell yeah, come on over. This guy brings over all of his engineering equipment to the Shed and his beats immediately sparked my attention. After this, we started skipping 6th period to go chop up beats and I have to give him a large amount of credit for showing me some of the production ropes. Unfortunately, we've never collaborated on a song but in my upcoming EP (dropping in August) he was a huge help on the production of it.

What's one city you want to do a show in?

Seattle of course.

Any last shoutouts?

Shoutout to my manager Sam for working so damn hard to make sure I'm in the best position possible.

Shoutout IB!

Shoutout Randy Urbanski for everything you've done for me so far!