• Rayan Falouji

Daylight Tone - Onnaway

Daylight Tone, a Chicago native, released his much anticipated track “Onnaway" after a 6 month hiatus. Produced by madebyleale & Donta this track features simple and snappy production which offers a captivating hook that draws the listener in immediately followed by Tone’s fast and razor-sharp bars. Tone’s ability to perfectly craft a hook in every track is apparent as I find myself singing his hooks at random parts throughout the day constantly. While the rapper is relatively unknown he certainly has the potential to be great due to his unique melodic sound and his incisive bars. The young emcee shows the potential of a promising future since he is a refreshing breath of fresh air in an overly saturated rap market. Be on the lookout for his upcoming “Spotlight EP” later this year.

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