"dance in the moonlight" - Prentiss

To start off the new month with an absolute bang, 14-year-old rising star Prentiss gifted us with his second single of the year, “dance in the moonlight.” This new track is completely self-produced and proves that Prentiss’ stock is rising faster than GameStop.

On this track, Prentiss elegantly harmonizes ample, rich vocals on top of a beautiful, potent guitar loop. As lyrics may not be his strong suit, his youthful vocal performances and advanced production really point to his style and attitude on each track. Each cadence change and vocal inflection adds nostalgia that hits every listener, old or young. The loop and memorable voice cement Prentiss as a hot up-and-comer in the emo rap scene. Each song Prentiss drops is as real as the last, and it really makes me happy to see this success at a remarkably young age. While most kids his age are stuck in homeroom, Prentiss continues to improve his craft and shows why he is a prodigy. Please go check out this new track and give this man some streams!

"Dance in the Moonlight"