Creative Differences delivers cinematic flair in new single "Redlight"

When it comes to any medium that comprises the wide-ranging landscape of entertainment, some people just have it. Creative Differences, an alternative duo based out of Huntington Beach, California, bring an innate energy to each of their releases that makes their songs more than just another single; they become productions. Ryan Petersen and Larson McDonald are naturally gifted entertainers whose ability to curate specific moods shines through on their new single and accompanying music video, “Redlight.”

During an interview with Burbs in October, Petersen and McDonald hinted at the upcoming release of “Redlight,” with Petersen calling the video “one of my favorites.” The duo pulls influence from all areas of music and filmmaking, which is evident with “Redlight.”

“Redlight” draws listeners in from the start, as the seamless infusion of alternative and rock behind Petersen’s vocals crafts an ominous feel that doesn’t let up for the next three-and-a-half minutes. “Redlight” features the duo’s most complete production yet, especially evident in McDonald’s hard-hitting drumming, the inclusion of background “ad-libs,” and a transcendent ending.

The brightest standout from the song is the music video, directed by Caitlyn Phu. The song itself feels incredibly cinematic and it translates perfectly to the video. The cinematography is excellent, featuring shots of Creative Differences and their friends hanging from the side of McDonald’s minivan, a mosh pit in a snow-covered desert, and an “epilogue” that takes place in a dimly-lit hospital. “Redlight” takes viewers on an adventure beginning with bright visuals and a sense of genuine fun that culminates in a tense, horror-esque ending.

With more projects on the way, Creative Differences is a duo on the rise who will undoubtedly find success through their genre-bending music and visually-stimulating videos.

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