conner releases hard-hitting new track "bite the bullet"

conner is an artist from Hagerstown, Maryland—a fairly rural area—who made the decision to do a complete 180 and bring himself to the lively city of Los Angeles. Over the past couple of years, we've seen many artists blend a variety of genres with hip-hop. Most tracks remain predominantly rap, with some rock/punk influence. conner does the opposite, taking a strong rock/punk approach while integrating some elements of hip-hop. This is all showcased in his new song "bite the bullet."

"bite the bullet" starts with heavy guitar riffs before dropping into a free-flowing verse over light drums that make their presence known without overwhelming the other elements of the song. The pacing of the song allows for the transitions of the hook to verse to be seamless, which makes the track an easy choice for the aux. The song ends with an acoustic version of the chorus which was a perfect way to bring the high-energy song to an end.

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