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If you've followed Burbs for a while, you should be familiar with Austen Nobles by now as we have covered him multiple times. Most recently, we covered his latest project NIGHTFALL here which features the track "Cinderella". Austen is a multi-faceted and talented artist who continuously evolves. Today, Austen released the music video for "Cinderella," so we sat down with him to get a better understanding of the track and its brand new music video.

Hunter: What is the story behind "Cinderella," and why did you choose the name?

Austen: The story behind "Cinderella" is inspired by one of my previous relationships. If I were to think of it as a movie, the lyrics would be the main scenes. I chose the name because it’s nostalgia. I feel a lot of people are in this “Cinderella” phase of their life due to COVID-19; the story of someone being under appreciated, recognized, and then forgotten again is an interesting sequence to me. The song in itself is both a reality check and escape from grief.

Hunter: Is "Cinderella" just a single, or is it part of something bigger?

Austen: It’s a single off of my most recent project, Nightfall. It’s definitely a staple mark in terms of where my brand and career is heading. You could say there’s more to come from it.

Hunter: What was the process of creating the track, beat and writing?

Austen: The process was quite healing. I was very passive-aggressive at the time I created the track and wanted to give a balance to the mindset and the slight toxicity it carries. Creating the beat was especially fun because I learned how to slide my 808’s better around that time. Once I got into the essence of it all, the song ultimately wrote itself.

Hunter: How much control or direction did you have in the aesthetic of the video? Was there a reason for choosing an almost grungy look? Was there something trying to be accomplished/portrayed?

Austen: I’d say I had a fair share. I’m always open to experimentation and being open-minded for collaborations. Working with Nick was great, because he really had his own vision for the style of the video. The grunge look isn’t new for me, but the cinematic twist he added is. We both wanted to portray a post-breakup story that was true to the message of the song. I’m really pleased with how everything came out!

Hunter: What's next in 2020 for Austen Nobles?

Austen: I‘m going to start documenting more. I want to create short films that tie into my songs so people can get invested. I want to let people in on who I am and what I have to say. I feel like the time period we’re living in is critical for the near future. I’m hoping by being a bit vulnerable, I can inspire and influence for the better. I believe good art can make difference now, more than ever.

Watch the "Cinderella" video

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