Champaign raised'em, Normal changed'em- JDot Fritz

Out of the many different personalities I’ve come across in college, there’s only been a select few to stand out. Wild fraternity brothers, wacky professors and maybe some curious business majors. Although, one day in the dining center I came across a kid blasting CDot Honcho through his Beats on his way to the panini maker and I couldn’t help but ask why he was so turnt at noon on a Tuesday.

Down below, you’ll find out what brings the energy out of this kid from Champaign.

JDot performing at Nightshop

Why should people listen to your music instead of other local rappers?

I think I have a little bit of everything. I got some lit shit, some feels shit, but most of all, I feel like I’ve found my style and I’m comfortable with who I am and my unique capabilities.

Tell me about your family and how much they support your passion for music?

At my first show at the Nightshop in Bloomington, IL, my parents were so proud of me for accomplishing this goal after years of dreaming of that moment- they knew they had to pull up and support the kid.

Apparently you’ve made custom gear for Lyrical Lemonade’s “GloUp Jake”, Tell me about that opportunity and do you have plans on expanding into your own brand?

I’ve always been a slight contact with Cole Bennett but I didn’t have the official opportunity to work with Lyrical Lemonade at all until I pulled up to a Lil Skies concert in Chicago with my custom-made hoodies and passed them out to Cole, Jake and a few others. Soon after the show, I was talking business with Cole and we began discussing working on clothes in the future and now I have a job! I’ve been working on hoodies for this fall/winter collection, so stay tuned for those! I also wouldn’t expand into my own brand yet, but I’ve been passionate about my art skills forever so right now I’m just trying to perfect that craft first then think bigger soon.

What are your top 3 favorite songs right now?

Surf - No Cap

KOTA The Friend - Birdie

Lil Tecca - Ransom

Name two songs everyone likes that you hate.

Lil Uzi - Sanguine Paradise

J Cole - Middle Child

As a fan of your music I’m familar with your flow, so when you’re illustrating your raps, what goes through your head?

Every song begins as a freestyle but then I go back and revise the lyrics as if I’m preparing for the next hit music video or club banger.

Explain your relationship with Def-Jam rapper, Logic and how he has influenced you

At one of his concerts (2:50-3:50) when I was a sophomore, he noticed me out of the entire crowd singing along to every song, word-for-word and brought me onto the stage to perform “5AM”. It was surreal, I was high on life. After the show, I got the chance to talk to Logic and express how much his music influenced me. After exchanging contact information, he hit me up to design some things for him for a price I couldn't turn down and with that opportunity, I became so humble. He really helped me from that point forward appreciate and value anybody in my life that took real time to help me perfect my craft of designing.

What are your favorite shoes to pop out in?

Nowadays I’ve been rocking mix match Birkenstocks, for the culture you feel me?

If you could play on any sports team, what team would it be?

FaZe lowkey, I had a streaming phase and I think I'd go crazy with Banks.

In one of my personal favorite songs, "Nice Guy" (ft. Juno), you drop a bar that I like and I want to hear your meaning behind it.

"Shorty tryna lay up with the kid really all night but I’m tryna shoot up in the gym till my shot nice."

-I fuck with being laid up and boo'd up, but I'm really out here trying to perfect my craft, so the grind beats the girls- every time.

Speaking of, what is your relationship status Fritz?

Single as hell, follow me on the 'Gram y'dig. @jdotfritz