Certified Classic: Man on the Moon

Welcome back, Burbs music fans! Season 2 has finally arrived; congrats again to Graduation for sweeping its way through the Season 1 Championship. To kick off Season 2, I felt it was only right to bring in one of the soundtracks of our generation- Man on the Moon.

Released in 2009, Man on the Moon set the tone for the most transformative decade in hip-hop history. With the help of mentor Kanye West and a wide range of supporting artists and producers, Cudi was able to make his debut album arguably his most influential album. Man on the Moon truly spoke to an entire generation; Man on the Moon provided anthems for parties, for smoke sessions, for depression, for success, and ultimately, for reflection. Man on the Moon made people think; Man on the Moon made people feel less alone. Man on the Moon made people happy no matter what else was going on, and it still does nearly 10 years later.

Very few albums in recent years have had the sonic impact of Man on the Moon. In fact, Man on the Moon met heavy criticism and disapproval at its release since it was so left-field from the norms of its time. As it aged, Man on the Moon evolved into the definition of a fan favorite- providing a blueprint for a whole new generation of hip-hop artists not afraid to experiment.

STANDOUT TRACKS: It’s always hard picking the standout tracks from such a classic, but Man on the Moon boasts more no-debate standouts than most. Some of them are “Soundtrack 2 My Life”, “Day ‘n’ Nite”, “Sky Might Fall”, “Make Her Say”, “Alive”, “Pursuit of Happiness”, and “Up Up & Away”.

FINAL VERDICT: Man on the Moon changed contemporary music forever; Man on the Moon brought an assortment of sounds, styles, and subgenres into its creative process, challenging the idea of what a hip-hop or even pop album could be. The 2010s would have been much, much different without the trail Cudi and Kanye blazed for experimentation.