Certified Classic: If You're Reading This Its Too Late

When speaking about certified classics, it would be hard to ignore the monstrous discography that Drake has built up over the past decade. It would be even harder to ignore If You’re Reading This Its Too Late, arguably the crown jewel of Drake’s discography.

Surprise-released in 2015, IYRTITL established a turning point in Drizzy’s career. As if 2013’s Nothing Was the Same wasn’t enough, IYRTITL was Drake’s proof that he was at the helm of the rap game with a sauce that could not be replicated. He wasn’t nice about it, either. He took shots at those who had doubted and wronged him in the years prior, making sure that they regretted the actions of their past. IYRTITL showcased a Drake at full ferocity, hungry to make the world stop in awe of his surprise attack.

IYRTITL was the culmination of Drake’s evolution throughout the first half of the decade, blending all of his sounds and styles into one stellar mixtape. IYRTITL packed in hard-hitting party pleasers, slow and steamy R&B songs, honest and introspective tracks, and displays of otherworldly rap ability over tailor-made, icy beats.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Being such a classic, it’s a challenge deciding on IYRTITL’s most-definitive standout tracks. But, I’ll still take a shot… “Energy”, “No Tellin”, “Madonna”, “Star67”, “Company” (ft. Travis Scott), and “Jungle”.

Honorable Mentions to “Know Yourself” and “10 Bands”.

FINAL VERDICT: IYRTITL is arguably one of the most important rap projects of this decade, as well as arguably the most important project of Drake’s career thus far. The Drake that we know now- the chart-topping, record-breaking, world-renowned Drake- was made possible by IYRTITL. If Drake didn’t evolve into the Drake he is now, the game would be a whole lot different.

What’s your favorite track from IYRTITL? Is IYRTITL Drake’s best release? Let us know in the comments!