Certified Classic: GO:OD AM

First of all, Rest in Power to Malcolm McCormick. A Mac Miller Certified Classic was long overdue.

That being said, I decided to go with one of his best offerings- GO:OD AM. Having such a flawless discography filled with experimentation and evolution, it’s a challenge picking the best Mac Miller album. I don’t know if I would say GO:OD AM is necessarily Mac’s best album, but it’s one that has always stuck out to me and I know it has for a number of others.

In accordance with its title, GO:OD AM was an awakening album. GO:OD AM saw Mac come to terms with his flaws and addictions, trying to embrace sobriety and an overall healthier lifestyle. Additionally, GO:OD AM was a wake-up for fans. GO:OD AM was much different than his previous studio album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, in terms of style, sonics, and subject matter. While changes were seen across Watching Movies with the Sound Off as well as his 2014 mixtape Faces, GO:OD AM officially established the new era of Mac Miller, fully abandoning the frat rap style that originally put him on the map.

GO:OD AM also hosted a wide range of collaborators- Chief Keef, Miguel, Lil B, Ab-Soul, and Little Dragon. These left-field collaborations helped make GO:OD AM as diverse and experimental as it was, effectively ringing in the new era of Mac.

STANDOUT TRACKS: To me, the most important tracks from GO:OD AM are “100 Grandkids”, “Weekend” (ft. Miguel), “Clubhouse”, “Break the Law”, “Perfect Circle/God Speed”, “Cut the Check” (ft. Chief Keef), and “Ascension”.

FINAL VERDICT: Looking back, GO:OD AM was arguably the biggest turning point of Mac’s discography. The third studio album of his five, it makes sense that GO:OD AM is essentially the bridge between the two different eras of Mac Miller that we were lucky enough to experience.

What's your favorite song from GO:OD AM? Where do you rank GO:OD AM in Mac's discography? Let us know in the comments!