'Can You Hear Me?' - Ducey Gold - Burbs Entertainment

Greenville, North Carolina artist Ducey Gold's newest project Can You Hear Me? just released on all platforms. Earlier this month, Gold dropped a music video with Soul Serum for the project's lead single "Moonlight," which you can watch below.

With a run-time of just under 15 minutes, the six-track project showcases Ducey's evolution as an artist. The EP is extremely polished with no filler; every track could have been the lead single for this project. With that being said, the cohesiveness of this project is strong; every song flows into the next one seamlessly.

This EP is the next step for Ducey Gold; his improvement as an artist in all aspects is shown clearly across these six songs. Ducey Gold could very easily be the next big thing out of NC, and if he keeps making strong strides like he did with this project, he'll be there in no time.

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