BURBS STAFF PICKS: Sunday Streaming Suggestions [Vol. 4]

Welcome to our fourth installment of Sunday Streaming Suggestions!

Writers Ralph James, Carter Ferryman, Evan Northrup, Jack Martin, and Evan Linden delivered another round of five classics to stream on your lazy Sunday:

The Boys (Amazon Prime)  When Hughie Campbell’s (Jack Quaid) girlfriend is literally ran through and killed by the world’s fastest superhero, A-Train, his world crumbles. After being courted by a mysterious man named Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie is exposed to the extremely corrupt world of Supes and the company that controls them, Vought.  The Supes are led by Homelander, a Superman-like figure who, on the surface, appears to be the all-American symbol of hope. But as Hughie comes to discover, the Supes are in it for themselves, and have dire visions of the future.  Hughie and Butcher team-up up with Butcher’s old friends, Frenchie and Mother’s Milk, to take down the Supes who have taken so much from them. The show moves fast and refuses to hold back. It’s much darker than you’d expect from Seth Rogen executive produced show, but there are still comedic moments. For someone who tends to have trouble binging shows, The Boys proved no challenge. 

-Jack Martin

Dead to Me (Netflix) 

Welcome to subverting the suburbs- a master class taught by some of your favorite films and shows that take the seemingly perfect visage of green grass and white-picket-fence America and tear it open to reveal the rot underneath; works including American Beauty, Weeds, The Graduate, The Leftovers and the most recent addition, Dead to Me

Dead to Me stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as two grief-stricken women living in rich, coastal California who immediately become friends after meeting at a support group. Their friendship is addictive, rivaling the on-screen chemistry of classic best friend movies like Step Brothers and Superbad, however, there's much more to the show than just character. The plot is like going down a winding mountain road, starting with predictable plot twists, then turning those plot twists in on themselves so many times that you want to just cover your eyes and scream at the driver to slow down. With only two ten-episode seasons currently out, and almost every episode ending with wild cliff hangers and revelations, Dead to Me is one of the most thrilling, binge-able, and compulsive shows on Netflix. 

-Evan Northrup

Shameless (Netflix, Showtime)