BURBS STAFF PICKS: Music Streaming Suggestions [Vol. 3]

Our music staff has returned with their third round of Music Streaming Suggestions! We have another diverse lineup this week, headlined by the likes of Joey Badass, Kali Uchis, The Weeknd, and Childish Gambino. As usual, we added our new suggestions to our weekly-updated Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

1999 (2012) - Joey Badass

When you think of our generation’s most talented and impactful lyricists, Joey Badass is one of the first names that comes to mind. When you think of debut projects from the artists of Joey’s caliber, few are as formidable as 1999—one of the crown jewels of the “mixtape era” that took the early-to-mid 2010s by storm.

I’m not saying this as a slight to Joey in any way, but it says something when your debut mixtape is arguably still your most revered project nearly nine years later. Despite having well-polished projects such as B4.DA.$$ and All-Amerikkkan Badass under his belt, 1999 has (overwhelmingly) held its position as the fan-favorite. The mixtape provides an intimate look at a young Joey Badass as an artist and a person; 1999 showcases Joey’s early knack for poetry and soul, and it also proves that he has never shied away from speaking his mind—tackling politically-charged topics has long been Joey’s trademark.

One of 1999’s unique characteristics is that while Joey solidified himself as a star, 1999 also functions as a posse tape for Joey’s Pro Era collective. About half of the tape contains features, coming on the behalf of Pro Era associates such as Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, and most notably, the late legend Capital STEEZ, who passed away just six months after the tape’s release. In addition to Pro Era’s lyrical prowess, the production of 1999 is another major highlight; Joey repurposed a handful of MF DOOM and J Dilla beats, on top of additional production from the likes of Statik Selektah, Lord Finesse, and Knxwledge.

In short: 1999 is a sonic haven for anyone who appreciates pensive, poetic lyricism and robust, soulful production. -Evan Linden

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Waves,” “World Domination,” and “Survival Tactics” (feat. Capital STEEZ)

STN MTN (2014) - Childish Gambino

When people debate what project of the multitalented Donald Glover's is his very best, the populous typically gravitates towards his most popular work: Because the Internet, the infamous Royalty mixtape, or his critically acclaimed television show Atlanta. To me, it doesn't matter which project is your favorite, but it's blasphemous to leave STN MTN—the mixtape that exists as the degenerate younger brother to his pop album Kauai—out of the conversation