• Luke McGuire

Burbs Sleepers Week 2

Young Jasper

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram: @youngjasperr

Chicago is known to be a breeding ground of talented, young artists. Being from Chicago myself, it has been a blessing to see artists like G Herbo, Chance, and Juice WRLD progress into the stars they are today. Young Jasper is a name that you need to know and his progression to the top is quickly accelerating. Jasper jumped onto the scene around 2017 when he was just 17 years old. He has opened for numerous Lyrical Lemonade concerts including the Blueface and YNW Melly concert back in January (which I was in attendance for and Jasper had an amazing, energetic set). His hard flow and effortless delivery are mainly the core to his Chicago sound. This is seen in one of his most popular tracks “Tip Top”, produced by Bobby Johnson. Jasper has also released two projects within the last 5 months. Something to Say dropped back in April and E.S.O. dropped in May. His latest project in May stands out the most due to the excellent production on the album. You can tell that Jasper made sure that this wasn’t no regular tape by increasing the level of production. The tracks that prove this are “Cozy2x” and “Lay Up”. Jasper also has a video for “Cozy2x” that compliments the vibe of the song tremendously. Including another video for the song “Jasper Flow” (linked below) filmed by upcoming Chicago videographer Caden Campise, who has shot videos for other Chicago natives such as Famous Dex, Warhol.ss, and Duffle Bag Buru. With Young Jasper’s constant delivery of music and his Chicago sound, within the coming years I can definitely see him at the top with the other Chicago rap stars.

Most Notable Songs:

"Tip Top"


"Flash Master"


Location: Berkeley, California

Instagram: @pimptobi

“Soundcloud rapper” is a term that recently has gathered a negative connotation in the world of rap. However, sometimes we fail to realize the rappers who primarily put most of their music on SoundCloud and don’t represent the negative image that pop culture has created. 18-year-old Pimptobi is one of those artists who puts in the grind on SoundCloud. Most of Pimptobi’s Bay Area hits are on the app and include “First Day Out”, “Boss Up”, and “No Dubs”. Being from Berkeley, Pimptobi has a very hard Bay Area sound. Virtually all of his songs display this and reminds me of that semi-old school Bay Area type vibe. He also just dropped an 11 track project within the last two weeks called Pimpin Since the Playground. The project includes a feature from SOB X RBE member DaBoii on the track “Yellowtape”. Pimptobi has also worked with other rising stars in the industry like YBN Nahmir on the song “Out Da Mud” and Lil Mosey on the track “Kickback”. With his recent project and working with other rising young stars, Pimptobi could most definitely be the next to contribute to the star youth movement of rap.

Most Notable Songs:

"Kickback" (Feat. Lil Mosey)

"First Day Out"

"Boss Up"

Major Zoe

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Instagram: @majorzoe_

One thing that separates Major Zoe from the rest of the underground rap scene is his extremely unique voice. His vocals almost seem like a mix of a island-type vibe and rap. With him being from Ohio you might question this, however, Zoe is Haitian, which helps explain his distinctive voice. He also has a strong connection with fellow Columbus star Trippie Redd. They have numerous collaborations that are very lowkey, but all of them are fire. Some of these include “Turn Me Up”, “Superman”, and “Way Home”. All three of these songs came off a very discreet mixtape that Trippie dropped in February of 2019. He said in a live stream on Instagram that he found a collection of numerous old songs of his and decided to post them all exclusively to SoundCloud. Its safe to say that Trippie and Zoe’s connection is very strong as they have been collaborating for a couple of years. His most notable project is 1804 which dropped in late December of 2018 and also has a feature from Trippie Redd on the song “You a Lame”. This track is most definitely the best collaboration between the two due to the fact that they coexist tremendously in their verses and the chorus. The project also has a track called “Nothing New” which is more of a "feels" kind of song. This song is a different vibe than what Zoe normally puts out, but he compliments this vibe extremely well due to his voice. With his unique voice and connection to Trippie Redd, I believe that Major Zoe has the potential to be one of the next underground stars emerging into the mainstream scene.

Most Notable Songs:

"You a Lame" (feat. Trippie Redd)

"Nothing New"

"Turn Me Up" (Trippie Redd & Major Zoe)