• Luke McGuire

Burbs Sleepers Volume 4

Xavier Weeks

Location: Seattle, Washington

Instagram: @Xavierweeks

Within the past couple of years it seems like the age of rappers keeps getting younger and younger. Some of these names include Lil Tecca who just turned 17, NLE Choppa who is 16, and Lil Mosey who is 18. Xavier Weeks contributes to this list of young, talented rappers due to the fact that he is only 16. He might be 16, but his sound says differently. The first time I found out he was 16 I was in utter disbelief. However, don’t let his age distract you from his talent. Weeks has some extremely catchy songs. This is because his choice of melodic beats and his effortless flow. His most popular song “Team” displays this. Instantly you are drawn to the song by the catchy beat and once Xavier jumps on you realize it's an instant banger. Most of his songs have this type of feeling. Some of these include “Cmon”, “Rambo”, and “In Love With Me”. He collaborates with fellow Seattle producer Callan very often. Callan has also worked with Seattle Native Lil Mosey. The Seattle connection is there for the three to come together and make one of the most melodic, catchiest tracks of the year.

Most Notable Songs:

  • "Team"

  • "Rambo"

  • "Cmon"

Kenny Mason

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Instagram: @4kennymason

Covering the underground rap scene is one of my favorite things to do because you tend to find so many unique artists that you enjoy and get to see their progression to fame. However, when I first discovered Kenny Mason I legitimately wondered why this man hadn’t gotten to the point of stardom yet. Being from Atlanta and his super quick flow has everything that it takes to make that next jump to stardom. His quick flow reminds me Atlanta native J.I.D. The tracks that convey this are “Hit” and “Nike 2”. Mason’s delivery on these songs leave you at a loss for words. He currently does not have any released projects, but hopefully within the next couple of months he gives us something. A full project by Mason will quickly get him to the point of fame where I envision him.

Most Notable Songs:


"Nike 2"