Burbs Sleepers Volume 3


Location: Dayton, Ohio

Instagram: @jasiah

“Screamo rap” is a genre of rap that has been popular within recent years due to the help of the late Xxxtentacion. Jasiah contributes enormously to the upcoming genre with his sound that is comparable to X’s. His approach to a track will either be screaming (which pumps you up and motivates the hell out of you) or a more mellow, sad vibe. His most recent project Jasiah I Am that was released in July 2019 displays these two approaches. The most notable pump up tracks are “Shenanigans” featuring Yung Bans and “Case 19” featuring 6ix9ine. The track with Yung Bans is truly something special. The beat, produced by Ronny J, is sampled from SpongeBob’s Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s theme song. It sounds strange, but give it a listen and I can assure you Jasiah makes a hype song out of that sample. He also compliments the mellow, sad vibe by the song “When I’m Gone”. Overall, Jasiah’s sound is very intriguing and can definitely make the jump out of the underground scene similar to how Xxxtentacion did.

Most Notable Songs:

· "Shenanigans" (feat. Yung Bans)

· "Case 19" (feat. 6ix9ine)

· "When I’m Gone"

DnD Section

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Instagram: @dndsection

Atlanta produces a plethora of talented rappers and DnD section can definitely be the next talented star coming out of the A. He combines his Atlanta sound and his Nigerian roots to create a unique, vibey feel. He recently dropped his debut project Love Lies Bleeding which dropped in August. The most notable song on the album is “Get Out Ya Feelings” a song I feel like everybody can relate to at one point of their life. The song really makes you want to get out of your feelings and chase that bag. However, contradicting getting out of your feelings, he also has some feels songs that hit differently. “Needs and Wants” is definitely one of those feels songs. This song was featured in our “2 AM Crusing” Spotify playlist (definitely check that playlist out to find other lowkey artist). The potential for stardom for the young Atlanta rapper is undeniably there. With further projects Dnd Section’s stock is going to rise making him the next star out of the A.

Most Notable Songs:

· "Get Out Ya Feelings"

· "Needs and Wants"

· "Hi"