• Luke McGuire

Burbs Sleepers

Ryan Trey

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Instagram: @ryan.trey

There is no doubt that R&B and rap have coexisted in recent years with artists like Bryson Tiller, A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, and PnB Rock. Ryan Trey compliments the two genres phenomenally. He backs this claim up with his 2018 project August. My favorite rap song on the album is “Bradley Beal Freestyle”, paying homage to the Washington Wizards guard and fellow STL native. The most notable R&B songs on the project are “Bound”, “Mutual Butterflies”, and “Temptations”. These songs give me a young Bryson Tiller vibe. Speaking of Pen Griffey (Bryson Tiller’s nickname), Trey has collaborated with Tiller on the track “Nowhere To Run”. The mix of R&B and rap on this track is extremely prevalent and displays the potential of a dynamic duo emerging soon. The reason why I say a "dynamic duo” is because Trey is signed under Bryson’s label. Trey has also been co-signed on LeBron James’ Instagram story and Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story. At just 20 years old, I see immense potential in him.

Most Notable Songs:

· Nowhere To Run (Feat. Bryson Tiller)

· LV Smoke

· Mutual Butterflies


Location: Los Angeles, California

Instagram: @kalan.frfr

Recently the West Coast has been producing large amounts of talent and Kalan.frfr could easily be the next name you see. Not only that, but he is a college athlete as well. Playing defensive back at San Diego State University, his West Coast roots are very dominant in his sound. Virtually all of his beats have a West Coast vibe. This is seen on his most significant project, called TwoFr. The 10 song project has arguably no skips; the way that the track list was put together was amazing. The most notable West Coast-type songs that slap are “Right Wit It” and “Atlanta”. He also has some more "vibey" songs like “Fine Ass”, “Bluez”, and “Naked”. He pays homage to rap icon Young Thug on the song “Thugga Baby”. Overall, if you like the West Coast sound, I would definitely recommend the slept-on Kalan.Frfr.

Most Notable Songs:

· Right Wit It (Feat. Chris O’Bannon and G Perico)

· Fine Ass

· Atlanta


Location: Vallejo, California

Instagram: @us4benny

Another West Coast native, Benny adds to the number of young artists emerging from California. Benny’s approach to a song can be seen from two angles. Either the song will be a hard pump-up song like the track “Not Gone Jaws” off the 2018 project Different. Or, he will have a calmer R&B approach like the track “Weekend” off the 2018 project Soul Snatcher. Benny’s dynamic flow is represented in his projects and doesn’t throw off the vibe of the projects at all. The dynamic is enjoyable and he does an excellent job complementing the two sides. He also has a song called “Knockdown” with the Vallejo group SOB X RBE. The group is most notable for their track “Paramedic!” with Kendrick Lamar off the Black Panther soundtrack. Benny’s growth has been tremendous and he will continue to rise from here on out with his future projects. Projects that he has mentioned on Instagram will be coming in the near future.

Most Notable Songs:

· Not Gone Jaws

· Weekend

· What Time It is