Burbs Betting: Week 6

As the NFL gears up for their Week 6 matchups, so does the Burbs Sports team. We give you our top four favorite bets of NFL Sunday and a short explanation on why it will hit. Be sure to take our 100% confidence picks!

Well, there's not much to say. As the weeks go on we slowly have learned that we actually suck at doing this. Instead of taking our picks it may be smart to just do the complete opposite, in fact you'd actually be making money doing that. But as always we're going to try our best and get this back on track!

And by all means feel free to make fun of us for these picks.


1. Dylan Fadden:--------9-11

2. Connor Sheehan:----7-12-1

3. Matt Harris:------------7-13

Last Week:---------------3-9


Dylan Fadden:

Browns ML +160 @ Steelers

12:00 PM CT

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking, and yes I'm serious. The combined record of Steelers opponents thus far is 3-15-1, none of these teams have more than one win. Even last week the the mean Steelers defense let up 29 points to the struggling Eagles. With the Browns playing as well as they have this far, I'm willing to take the chance on them this week. It will be a close game but I like the Browns to edge the Steelers out and hand them their first loss of the season.

Bears ML +100 @ Panthers

12:00 PM CT

While the Panthers have started out better than anyone could have imagined, they are still a very young team with an inexperienced head coach. I still do not think they are up to winning against the better teams in the NFL. While this Bears team is struggling to gain the respect of the rest of the league, do not look past them. With Fole's experience and tough defense they will be hard to beat.

Rams @ 49ers O51.5

7:20 PM CT