Boogie Got Hurt Again and Nothing Is Holy Anymore

Happy Tuesday everybody, everything sucks. I'll admit that I stopped watching at halftime to make an unnecessary amount of pasta and fall into an eight-hour coma but that's not my fault; it's damn near impossible to win a 1v1 battle against keef. Anyways, the Clippers beat the Warriors 135-131 last night and in the process completed a 31-point comeback, the largest in playoff history. Lou Williams (36 points), Montrezl Harrell (25 points), and Danilo Gallinari (24 points) all shined and helped out-Warrior the Warriors, but that's not what's important.

I sat up. I cheered. He was about to absolutely throw that shit down and then, boom, it happens. WHY? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE BOOGIE AGAIN?

When the Clippers took the ball back down the court and Boogie didn't come back into view, I knew something bad happened. Since it was a non-contact injury I was absolutely petrified and because it looked like it was his left leg, I was about ready to throw up all over myself if it was a re-tear of the Achilles he hurt last season. Boogie got up and limped immediately to the locker room grabbing his quad so my fears were calmed a bit. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was close to tears. I put my hands over my face and laid back. I just want him to succeed, I WANT TO SEE BOOGIE HOOP.

I'm going to give a shoutout to my guy Matt Harris right here because we've been rocking with Boogie for a while. For two years we were trying to escape the clutches of our cruel wretch of a Spanish teacher and the only way to get through it was 50 minutes of straight NBA talk a day; Boogie was usually the center of conversation. I mean, how could he not be? Sacramento Boogie was my favorite player in the league and it sucks that he signed with the Warriors in the offseason because I can't have a Warrior at the top of my list. I completely understand why he did though. Go get that ring, Boogie. As he became increasingly dominant to the point where he was launching threes and putting up 50-point performances almost to his own inconvenience (he was that good), Boogie transformed into the best center in the league and all I wanted was for him to make the playoffs. Last year would've been perfect but the aforementioned Achilles tear ended those hopes early. Him and Anthony Davis could've been a power tandem in New Orleans. I'm fucking sick of injuries and "What ifs?".

Leave it to Woj to drop a depression bomb. After reading this, all the serotonin in my brain decided it wanted to find a new home. I'm really, truly holding out hope that it's just a strain. Boogie worked so hard to get back to playing and he was finally getting a chance to play in the playoffs and for it to just be taken away in his second postseason game shows how cruel injuries can be to the game. At this point, only time will tell and maybe, just maybe, the MRI will show an intact hammy. Please Basketball Gods, leave Boogie alone.

Boogie missed out an a potential max deal last offseason and it looks like he's going to have to take another pay cut this summer (depending on the hamstring's severity). I feel for him. It sucks. You go out on the court and battle hard every night, get selected to All-Star games and All-NBA teams, and for what? To have two significant, career-altering injuries by your age-29 season? I get that injuries are apart of basketball and all sports, it just sucks to see them try and derail your favorite players. Boogie has fought the odds his entire life and you can bet your life I'm going to be rooting for him for the rest of his career.

I sound like such a dick saying this but this will make the Rockets' path to the Finals a lot easier.