• Howard Butler

Bktherula drops two new singles: "Blue" and "Santanny"

Warner Records-signee Bktherula is back—this time offering a two-piece of singles to provide a taste of what fans can expect from her this year. Following a 2020 that gave us her first two projects, we’re waiting patiently for the first full-length album from Bk, supposedly titled LOVE BLACK. Both "Blue" and "Santanny" have hostile vocal performances, leaving behind the spaced-out crooning used from time to time on her previous mixtapes. The hard-hitting production—courtesy of azure! and Supah Mario, respectively—fits perfectly to elevate the sound, ultimately providing fans and soon-to-be stans of Bk with an aggressive atmosphere arranged by the tracks. "Blue," the first of the two singles, is accompanied by a music video devoted to Bk's love of money; more specifically, blue-stripped hundred dollar bills, as the title would suggest. The visuals are a stimulating thrill ride of psychedelic effects and unhinged punk energy. A shared theme of both tracks would be Bk's hatred for gnats, which she repeats on the refrain after gliding her verse along the bouncy beat.

Personally, I loved this two-piece; it definitely made me want to run back her first mixtape, Love Santana, from front-to-back until I came out of my blacked-out state with my fists deep in drywall. Excited doesn't begin to describe my feelings toward her debut album. Please do us a favor and go show Bk how excited we are for LOVE BLACK; go run up the numbers on "Blue" and "Santanny." Her music is exciting, and it definitely taps further into the sound of what many are considering next up out of ATL—and for good reason.