• Evan Northrup

Biggest Disappointment of 2020

We crowned the Biggest Disappointment of 2020 in TV & Film.

Biggest Disappointment: Every delayed movie

If you’re a dedicated movie consumer, you probably watched a lot of flops this year. Hillbilly Elegy, The New Mutants, Midnight Sky, and Wonder Woman 1984 are just a few that come to mind. But the biggest film disappointment of 2020? This titlewithout a doubtbelongs to all the movies we never got to see at all.

Just to give you a refresher on all the great titles that got pushed back from their original 2020 release dates, here’s a list of the biggest heartbreakers:

-No Time to Die (new James Bond movie)

-The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel)

-Candyman (Jordan Peele’s newest horror extravaganza)

-The French Dispatch (Who doesn’t love Wes Anderson?)

-The King’s Man (I love Ralph Fiennes and I loved the original Kingsman movies)

-A Quiet Place Pt. II (They brought on Cillian Murphy?! Forget about it!)

-Black Widow (How long have Marvel fans been waiting for a solo ScarJo movie?)

-Dune (The most exciting book adaptation made in years. Timothee Chalamet, Denis Villeneuve, and a trailer that looks like the greatest visual treat since Lawrence of Arabia? This one hurts the most.)

What else can be said? This list speaks for itself. Through elements outside of anyone’s control, we missed out on some top-shelf releases this year. At this point, the only thing that can be hoped for is that this momentous year for the film industry doesn’t permanently destroy our ability to watch movies on the big screen. Here’s to hoping we’ll be back to paying for overpriced tickets and snacks in 2021. -Evan Northrup

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