Artist Spotlight - Outset - EP "[duality]"

Outset, a 16 year old from New York delivers his first EP "[duality]" where he is able to blend multiple genres into a fantastic unique mix. We see a lot of potential in Outset, and foresee a very bright future for him considering this is his very first project at such a young age. If he is able to keep his head and creativity high, there is no limit on where he can go.

We asked Outset some questions about his debut record

1. What is something you want people to listen for when listening to duality?

"I want people to feel like they’re on a journey, not just a mental one but also a physical journey. I like to describe it as the peaks of mountains or flat meadows and plains. While writing duality I was in a combination of places, be it the rolling hills of Cape Breton, skyscrapers of New York City, in my English class, etc. I think that physical journey is something important that adds to the meaning of the music."

2. Can you give a short summary or breakdown of each track?

"I think that with my music in specific the listener should come up with a meaning to themselves. Music and art are subjective, and my meaning of a song may be completely different to what someone else may think of the the same song. I think the beauty of the music is the ambiguity. All I will say though is the song titles are very close to my own personal meaning of the songs."

3. What were your goals for the project?

"My goals for the project were to really find my sound as a musician while also maintaining room for exploration. I don’t want my sound to be limited in the future, so I wanted to have at least some variation in the songs."

4. What inspired you to make and album and what is the meaning behind this album?

"duality was inspired by a lot of artists and genres, especially EDEN, but there’s definitely influence from hard hitting trap beats, psychedelic music, edm, ambient music… The meaning behind duality is a pretty personal one, and something I’ve been learning to deal with my whole life, and that is the sort of inner ambivalence I feel towards certain things, could be a mood, could be how people around me are acting, etc."

5. What role does photography play in your music?

"Photography plays a huge role in my music! I started shooting about 4 years ago, soon learning all the controls and how to use a camera. I quickly saved up for a camera and it all took of from there. I think being able to tell a story through multiple mediums (photography and music) is super powerful, which is also what I love about both. I love the imperfections in my photos from shooting film because it adds a certain beauty to it that digital photography can never replicate."

6. What genre would classify this EP as?

"I would say EDM most cases, but it’s certainly not classic EDM as most would think it!"

7. Plans for after this EP drops?

"Definitely to keep shooting photos, keep making music, and I am planning on having a show this summer! No promises though haha."

8. Did anyone else help you with the album?

"One of my friends Jeronimo Pinto helped a whole bunch with duality. I always sent him previews on Instagram DM and garnered his opinion on the songs. He actually wrote the guitar riff on “fallacy” which was so awesome to work on with him. Overall though my friends were super supportive of the project, and loved hearing my previews or even the finished product."

9. What was your favorite part of creating this album?

"I think finding my sense of style and sound was a lot of fun. There were a lot of things that changed throughout the months working on it, certain ideas I just had to let go. But I think that being able to own sound and really explore it was such a mind opening experience."

10. How long did it take you to make?

"I started writing the general outline for this EP last June, but didn’t start writing songs until early October."

11. If you could say anything to everyone listening to duality what would you tell them?

"A lot of the ideas I presented in duality are things that have been on my mind for maybe too long. duality was and is for me, regardless of whoever listens to it."

Listen to [duality] here

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