Artist Spotlight - Mike SB - Album "Chase Your Dreams"

This time around we are taking a look at a new Album from Mike SB, but before I give you my take on this piece of art, read Mike's bio provided to us by his team so you can get to know him a little better.

Mike's Bio

"Hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, Mike SB is a 23 year old musician with a big future ahead of him. From smooth hip hop beats to uptempo electronic instrumentals, Mike's ready to work and progress on tracks in the forefront and still handle his business and network behind the scenes to make things the way he's always dreamed they'd be. Mike's music embodies the pursuit of happiness and the achievement of personal goals. His one purpose in life, other than striving to be the best man he can possibly be daily, is to make a living doing what he loves - and the sheer fact that he is alive to see the day motivates him to continue his grind day in and day out. While currently bouncing back between North Hollywood, CA, and Pompano Beach, FL, Mike released his solo album titled Chase Your Dreams on January 18, 2019 and is continuing to create and spread his positive message through music. Chase your dreams and do what you love."

My Take

Ok now that you have a little background on Mike, let me get into on how I feel about this album. So first off, this is not the kind of music that I usually listen to, I'm the heavy auto tune, digital ass music, melodramatic ballad type (Nessly, Travis Scott, Smoke Purpp), but I can say with the upmost honesty that I extremely enjoyed listening to this album front to back. Usually when I hear someone rapping in the style that Mike SB does it comes out extremely corny. This is NOT the case at all! Mike's rhymes, flows, and melodies are a fresh sound that I really don't hear much (reminds me a little bit of Mac Miller). To me, there really isn't any weak points on this album, everything is really solid throughout the whole project.

The instrumentals vary quite a bit in style and sound but the album still flows really well and blends in a way that is incredibly smooth. The production across this whole album is insane to me, the complexity and smoothness of each track is unmatched. I absolutely love the instrumental on the closing track "Moving On" and it's hard for me to explain why, I truly just love the sounds and vibe. Shoutout to all the producers who had a part in creating this album, you really balled out (Chade Summerset, DJ-SUN, P.SOUL, Superb Lyres, luke4pres, Digg) along with MixedByHD who did the mixing and mastering. Now every artist defiantly has their own unique style and usually that will carry heavily from track to track. Mike SB does a tremendous job of fitting the vibe of every single track and not trying to force a certain style, this makes the whole album feel so natural and relaxing. I would throw this album on the speakers when I'm cruising with the windows down going to North Ave in the Summer, maybe in a couple months I actually will, its like -35 in Chicago right now :( .

I don't give ratings because I like to let people think for themselves and decide if they like something. I will say that this album is good, and a lot better than most of the music that I hear, so instead of giving a rating I'll just tell you that this album is defiantly worth your time to give it a listen, even if it isn't your style the album is solid and very well put together. Also when talking with Mike SB, I could tell he was very passionate about his craft and not just someone trying to get some clout off making music. He is the real deal. So wether you're chilling in your basement in this freezing weather of the midwest or enjoying sometime outside because you're blessed enough to live in a state with above freezing temperatures, this album should be playing on your speakers. In either scenario this album will make you feel like you're relaxing on a beach.

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