Artist Spotlight - JAYJ - "everything I hated"

JAYJ blesses us with his latest track "everything I hated". The 22 year old artist out of Muskegon, Michigan lays beautiful melodies over a pop beat with a dense atmosphere. The Rebbel Beats instrumental is exciting and transitions to different parts of the song seamlessly which allows for JAYJ to create a fluent and moving track. With a catchy chorus and unique lyricism throughout the verse, you will never lose interest at any point during this song.

We asked JAYJ a couple questions about "everything I hated"

1. What inspired you to make "everything I hated"?

A. "Inspiration for the song came from past relationships and just the overall feeling about being over or feeling jaded about your hometown."

2. Who else worked on the track?

A. "My homie July records, engineers mixes and masters all my songs so definitely a big shoutout to him.

3. What is "everything I hated" about?

A. "Everything I hated is about the one that “got away” over petty, little things and kind of an overall nostalgic record. Basically it’s me looking myself in the mirror and saying there’s nothing left for me here or in other words it’s me moving onto the next chapter in my life basically."

Listen to the track here

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