Artist Spotlight - GRYDN - "Fresh out the Oven"

GRYDN spits over a heavy self produced track that has a lot going on and a lot to talk about. Lets Start. The beat begins with a catchy dark melody that can easily get you moving, then comes the intro of the song with a very bouncy flow and some heavy vocals. As we move into a very catchy chorus, (props to GRYDN) you can see GRYDN pulling inspiration from fellow NC artist, J. Cole. The chorus reminds me a lot of the chorus that J. Cole sings on his song ATM, on the album KOD mostly because of the flow. We start to get away from the dark melody and move into a more upbeat tone as we start to hear flutes come in and lighten the mood. This is not an abrupt change whatsoever, you don't really even notice it until you notice it (if you know what I'm saying). It's very subtle and smooth but changes the whole tone of the song. Next up is a Harmonica solo that bridges us back into the darker melody. The Harmonica solo is honestly my favorite part of the song because of how well it transitions the beat. With so much going on in this song it was put together very well and sounds great.

We asked GRYDN a couple questions about "Fresh out the Oven"

1. How old are you and where are you from?

"I am 19 and I'm from Apex, North Carolina (15 minutes from raleigh) but I currently live in charlotte NC for school"

2. What inspired you to make Fresh out the Oven?

"I had no expectations for "Fresh out the Oven". I feel as though it was completely genuine because I just sat down and experimented with different samples, melodies, and drums until I found something I really liked. I worked on the beat alone for months and created like 5 different versions of it lol."

3. Who else worked on the track?

"I had help from 2 producer friends on this track. Robin Playe recorded the live harmonica sample right before the last verse. WRG (Wrigley Ferguson) helped me with the final mixing and mastering process"

4. What is "Fresh out the Oven" about ?

"Fresh out the oven isn't about shit man. Its me just opening up my brain and allowing it to flow. The whole process was just me sticking with what I thought would sound good and I'm really happy with how it came out."

Listen to "Fresh out the Oven" here

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