'The Spins' Last Week in Music: "Got Me Like" - Amaria & "Headlights" and "Ford" - Jimi Somewhere

In the third edition of Last Week in Music, 'The Spins' podcast hosts, Finn Askin and Martin Gross, take a look at Amaria's sixth single, "Got Me Like," and two tracks from Jimi Somewhere, "Headlights" and "Ford."

The music fanatics joined together to curate and answer three questions for each new release.

"Headlights" and "Ford" - Jimi Somewhere (answers by Finn Askin)

Next Wave Records/Ultra Records, LLC)

What were your initial impressions of the two new songs?

Somewhere returned in a way that I fully expected him to: as a hero to the commoner. The 22-year-old Norwegian star continued with his usual, yet always infatuating universal coming-of-age theme. His blatant love for acclaimed novel The Outsiders does not shine through as much as you’d usually expect for a

Somewhere tape. However, the theme still shines brightly over the dreamy, electronic production from longtime co-worker and best friend, Milo Orchis. Dreamy is undoubtedly a word that encapsulates the near-entirety of Somewhere’s discography. The addition of a club/dance music feel and a heavy emphasis on pop allowed Somewhere to completely reintroduce himself into the music game as someone who is no longer “niche.” These two tracks presented an ability for Somewhere’s music to really be heard by the masses. This can be attributed to more consistent, catchy choruses that fly over watered down, bellowing sirens and the smoothest 808’s I’ve ever heard from Orchis. To say I was impressed by this two-song drop would be an understatement-and-a-half.

How did you like the Bülow feature and what do you think it could do for Somewhere?

The ability to work with the likes of Bülow, who has over two million monthly listeners on Spotify, is a feature that only brings upon more credibility to the soon-to-be-phenom’s name. The European-born Bülow boasts SIX songs that have surpassed 30 million listens on Spotify.

This isn't the first time Somewhere has pulled impressive features, however. Somewhere has worked with the likes of Kacy Hill, Jon Waltz, and even Boy Pablo. This most recent feature of Bülow introduced the young star into the world of pop, a place that Somewhere has ached to fit into since 2017. Somewhere even posted on his Instagram story recently solely to portray his love for the genre. I truly believe the feature of Bülow is just ushering Somewhere one step closer to true stardom. This may be the overstatement of the century, but Bülow may just be the Lil Wayne to Jimi Somewhere’s Drake.

Where do you see Jimi Somewhere in the next year?

l genuinely can see Somewhere surpassing one million monthly listeners on Spotify. The artist currently sits at 155,000 monthly listeners, but as I stated previously — if Somewhere and his producer Orchis continue with this new sound, I don’t see who they couldn’t blow up. Especially in the age of TikTok, these two songs should thrive. I can only wish the best to the duo and I truly cannot wait to see what they do in the coming months.

"Got Me Like" - Amaria (answers written by Martin Gross)

This last Thursday, Amaria dropped her sixth single, “Got Me Like.” This is her first single since February. Did the song live up to the hype?

If there was a recipe to craft an Amaria single, it would consist of three equally important ingredients. The first ingredient would be her soft and celestial voice talking about the pain and pleasures of love. This ingredient is one of her more potent and gives the listeners an airy whiff of beauty every time a vocal chord is produced. The next ingredient is a compelling yet subtle bass line mixed with rhythmic synths that act as the foundation for the track. This ingredient is essential to Amaria stylistically and slows the heartbeat of every listener. The last ingredient is a gnarly hook/chorus that mesmerizes you in every way and brands itself in each crease in your brain for months in the future. Each ingredient is stirred together in a musical pot to create a chill song that is reminiscent of a sunset pontoon ride. “Got Me Like” is the epitome of this dish and will slide perfectly into any love or chill Spotify playlist for the rest of time.

Chicago legend Mick Jenkins made an appearance on this track and is Amaria’s biggest feature yet. Did he compliment this track well?

Honestly, I don’t know if there could’ve been a better fit, to be honest. This whole instrumental screams “wavy vibes” and Mick Jenkins rides those beats better than anyone else. Mick only gives us a quick eight lines but matches Amaria’s energy like it was off one of his albums. These two compliment each other so well; I could even see them making a whole project together.

Since Amaria has only dropped singles so far, do you think a project is near?

I sure hope so. I think Amaria is one of the best upcoming female vocalists and could be a top-tier artist in the near future. I want her to drop a project when she is ready but man, I will be up at the crack of dawn with my earbuds strapped when that thing comes out.