Album Review : Kamikaze - Eminem

Surprise albums seem to be the new approach to trying to create an insane amount of buzz for your newest release. Beyonce caught the world by storm when she took this approach in 2013, and now it has become almost common for an artist not to announce an album and release it out of nowhere to create this word of mouth marketing scheme. Fans dying to be the first to tell their friends about the news of their favorite artists newest album. Eminem does this with his latest album release "Kamikaze" which happens to be his 10th Studio Album. Regardless of how you feel about the Detroit Native, you have to respect his dedication to music considering he's been releasing songs for over 2 decades, with his first Studio album "Infinite" dropping in 1996.

Let me just say this and get this out of the way, when I saw Eminem released a new album I sighed. Very audibly. Growing up being a Stan of Eminem, these last few years have hurt me to watch Em release music just to garner so much negative feedback. Don't get it twisted, I am apart of the group giving out the negative feedback. I genuinely haven't liked anything that he has put out since Recovery in 2010. I couldn't get behind his music anymore and truly felt his album Revival should've never been released and would've benefitted everyone's ears if it was instead rolled out to the curb Monday night to be picked up by the trash men on the following Tuesday morning. Yes, we can make the argument of sales and streams, but regardless of what Eminem releases he is going to put numbers on the board. He used to be one of the biggest things in music, and has established a gigantic core fan base that will stand behind him through everything and never diminish. I kept hoping Eminem would just throw in the towel so that he could keep the miraculous legacy he established for himself and I was truly convinced that Eminem was stuck in his ways and would never change to adapt to the modern times. I accepted my once favorite artist had transformed into a cornball

I was proved wrong after one complete listen of the album. I genuinely enjoy every song on this album, I couldn't pick out one song I don't like. This album is good but obviously not perfect. Baby Steps though, and this album is a fat ass baby step up from "Revival". I even prefer Kamikaze to "The MMLP 2" (which I was not a fan of either). Eminem is a great, lets not forget but I feel as if he has rode his early success in music for a very long time as we've been able to see Marshall start to decline more and more with every album release. Receiving more and more mixed feelings and reviews about every album that Mathers released, I'm glad to see the slope has changed direction for the first time in about 10 years.

In a generation of Artists who release 2 minutes songs mostly dominated with catchy melodic choruses, heavily influenced trap lyrics, or wanna be rockstar gimmicks, I was in need of hearing something a little different, as I feel everyone else was too (Don't get me wrong I love this generation of music, just calling it how I see it). Eminem comes with very strong verses on this album, but Eminem is Eminem and still lacks in the chorus department, for me at least. Marshall's flows on this album are a bit more Unique and less generic then what I've heard recently from him, also hearing some interesting word play and thoughtful lyricism was a breath of fresh air. I get the simplicity of lyricism in the turn up generation, I'm just not trying to hear about guitars and xans every time I press play.

Personally I like when Em calls out artists in this generation, I find it funny knowing that if Lil Xan ever tried to come back and diss Eminem he would get slaughtered. Career Ended. Not even hating on Xan, I like some of his stuff, but it still is enjoyable to think about. I also like the Lil Uzi and Carti reference Em throws out in the song "Greatest" with the line "Woke up to Honkeys sounding like me". The fact Eminem was just acknowledging modern rappers gave me hope for the rest of the album. After the release of Revival, I believe Mathers had a serious talk with himself and realized if he kept doing what he was doing he was not going to end his career on a positive note.

With Kamikaze Eminem seems to get with the times and adapt. Eminem on a Tay Keith beat? What. The. Fuck. I enjoyed the hell out of that song, and the feature from Royce was nice as well, defiantly a highlight for me on the album. One thing that put me off of Eminem's last album is he seemed mad at the world for not fucking with him as much anymore and blamed everyone else instead of looking in the mirror. At least thats how I felt, it just came off extremely corny to me. I think after some time Mathers shifted his view and figured out he had to change. Another highlight on the album for me would have to be the song "Lucky You" Featuring Joyner Lucas, this song has I think probably the most catchy chorus on the album. My favorite song on the Album would probably be The Ringer, it really sets the tone for the whole album. I have listened to the album multiple times and have enjoyed it every single time. I would Suggest giving it a listen, regardless if you're a Stan, a regular fan or are just tired of hearing all the same shit.

Do I want this to be Eminem's last album? I don't know

After wanting him to retire so bad, this album made me want more, I just don't know if Eminem has much more left in the tank.

Do I think this will be Eminem's last album? No, defiantly not.

As you can see Em will not let up even when things are not going his way, so with a successful release of an album with mostly positive reviews, there is no way he stops.

When I listened to "Revival" I went back to listen to the "The Slim Shady LP" and "The Marshall Mathers LP" to try and remember why I liked this Eminem Guy.

After Listening to "Kamikaze" It reminded me of why I liked Eminem and why I was such big fan of his growing up, and then I still went back and listened to "The Slim Shady LP" and "The Marshall Mathers LP" because they're classics.

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