Ahmad Anonimis releases new single "Inhaled" produced by Powers Pleasant

“An artist that has bars is admirable, but an artist that can deliver lyrics with a poetic flow is something that many contemporary rappers cannot do.”

I said this about 4 months ago to introduce my interview with Ahmad. Today on April 1, 2021, I am here to stand on that quote and emphasize that Ahmad Anonimis is still that very artist who can deliver such admirable bars. And no, that is not an April Fools Day joke. After sitting down with Ahmad Anonimis at the start of 2021, he dropped a single “Party,” which was a hit that ultimately showcased Ahmad's impeccable versatility.

Last night, Atlanta-based artist Ahmad Anonimis dropped his latest single, “Inhaled,” produced by legend Powers Pleasant. “Inhaled” adds a different vibe to his catalog; on this new track, Ahmad gives off dark emotions I have not heard in his music yet—Ahmad explains that the congestion in his life is unbearable and causes paranoia. The artist paints a perfect picture, utilizing his storytelling strengths to let the listener in on exactly what he is going through in life. After hearing a link-up like this from Ahmad and Powers Pleasant, I hope to hear new music from them both ASAP.

Ahmad’s past two singles have really impressed me, as well as many of his peers in the music industry. It is clear that Ahmad is getting the recognition he deserves with write-ups from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and Complex, and his future becomes brighter by the day.

Stream “Inhaled” prod. by Powers Pleasant: