A short sit-down with Dayz about his new upcoming project 'OUTWEST'

Dayz is an artist from Seattle who has been releasing music for the past couple of years. We did an interview with Dayz before he dropped his previous project These Days and every single piece of music he's dropped since then has shown nothing but improvement, with each track being more polished than the last. The growth Dayz has displayed over the past year is all too evident on his lead single that was released on August 25, “Lately,” which you can stream below. If this track is any indication of what the project will sound like, we suggest putting it on your radar. We sat down with Dayz to talk about his new upcoming EP OUTWEST.

Hunter: What were your inspirations while making this project? Both musically, and in general?

Dayz: My biggest inspiration would have to be myself. While everyone has been on lockdown due to the virus, I used a lot of that time to work on myself and really get to know me. The EP, I feel like, is about me and what I’m about. There were also some trying times with females along the way, so that always helps.

Hunter: What did the making of a song look like for this project? Was there any different approach than you used on other projects?

Dayz: The EP was engineered by my buddy Matt who has been absolutely killing it. We’d just sit and relax and scroll through beats until we came across something I was feeling. As soon as that happened, I’d immediately hop on the mic and start getting the flows and an idea of the direction for the song. Then came writing, and then the rest just comes naturally until you feel like you have a finished product.

I will say that this EP has a great variety of absolute rager songs as well as slower melodies for any occasion.

Hunter: If you could show someone only one track from this project, what would it be?

Dayz : The one song I’d have to show off is a record called “All in my Head.” It was produced by my buddy in Germany (@beatsbycryptic) who actually produced a majority of this EP. It’s really the smoothest song on the EP and the one I know that everyone will take a liking to.

Hunter: What was the hardest thing about making this project?

Dayz: The hardest thing about this project was getting into the head space I needed to be in in order to create records that resonate with my audience. Sometimes in order to convey the feeling of a song, I’d have to put myself in shitty situations from past events, no matter how hard the subject was. It always makes for the best material.

Hunter: What is the transition sound wise going to be like from These Days to your new project?

Dayz: Outwest from These Days is like a night-and-day comparison. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got people on board I knew would take this project to the next level. Normally, I do a lot of my own production, but that’s not the case for Outwest. Everything is well put together and sounds like it came out of a $100,000 studio.

Hunter: What has happened for you career-wise between this project and your last? Considering your growth from your last project, what are you most proud of?

Dayz: I’ve been able to meet up with Kels (MGK) a couple of times and seeing him perform and create inspires me to always elevate my shit to the next level. In all, I’d have to say my growth in itself is my proudest achievement. In music and out of music, I’m becoming the person I’m supposed to become. I’m just excited for the people to hear this shit and see how I’ll be coming for the rest of my career. OUTWEST!!!!

Big shout out to Sam Cahill.

Now it’s time to rattle the world.

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