• Brooke Brennan

A New Way To Camp: The North Face x Gucci

Is the greatest collaboration of 2021 already here? Quite possibly. The North Face and Gucci are coming together to celebrate adventure in the outdoors, bringing us a collection of highly sought-after outdoor gear. Ignite your “spirit of exploration” and reimagine your outdoor camping gear… The North Face x Gucci is finally here!


Two premium brands are teaming up to redefine glamping attire. Teasing this collaboration since September, both brands are combining their heritage and expertise to create a reimagined and redefining line of camping gear. This will be The North Face’s largest luxury brand collaboration. And as a milestone for Gucci, this will be the first time partnering with another brand under Alessandro Michele as creative director. His love for the 70s aesthetic shines through with vintage floral patterns and vivid color schemes. On Gucci’s (@gucci) Instagram IGTV documentary, Alessandro Michele details his vision in bringing his “we are nature and nature is us” cultural narrative to the vision of this line (check out #TheNorthFacexGucci documentary). And to capture the image of this campaign, a just as impressive photoshoot in the Alps was captured by Daniel Shea.

Daniel Shea

Watch the campaign video here: https://youtu.be/78wHAsOPNRs

Most notably, though, may be the environmentally conscious decisions and materials throughout this line, saluting the outdoors. In-line with Gucci’s and The North Face’s commitment toward environmental consciousness, bags contain recyclable ECONYL® and cardboard boxes coming from forests that are sustainably managed.

Expansively, this collection will provide your camping (preferably glamping) needs. From clothing to puffer jackets, bags to boots, tents to sleeping bags, and even accessories, camping will never be the same with The North Face x Gucci collection. Even expect to see this line worn around cities this winter in extreme demand. This collaboration also bred new designs for both brands. The collection is filled with flower print and vividly colorful selections. Branded specifically to this collaboration is the rebranding of both logos. With plays on original logos, we see the use of The North Face logo and Gucci’s logo as a pattern, monogrammed throughout. This outdoor collection rebirths color into winter apparel and gives us what we did not know we needed.


Exclusively released throughout Europe and America, getting your hands on a piece will take some work. January 9 opens the raffle winners' window to shop, as well as European Gucci stores (Berlin, Paris, Milan, and London) going live with this collection. January 22 will mark the availability date on the Gucci and The North Face websites. Expected from January 6 to February 14, temporary pop-up locations in select cities will be the place to purchase this collaboration. These cities and locations include:

Brooklyn: 134 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Los Angeles: 2120 East 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco: 240 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA

Chicago: 900 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Toronto: 3401 Dufferin Street, North York, ON

Seamlessly, The North Face and Gucci are blending beauty and functionality. Drawing from vintage patterns, redefining the use of their infamous logos, and a courageous new color pallet, outdoor camping gear has been elevated to a new level. Essential staples such as coats, hats, and boots from this collaboration will be seen around the world, exclusively. And, imagine going camping in a The North Face x Gucci tent. But more practically, (if you still happen to play) Pokémon Go! will have pieces from this collection available for your avatar in the game.