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42 - Tony DeShayes (feat. Guapdad 4000)

Tony DeShayes is back with '42'! Released this past Friday, this bouncy anthem has helped solidify Tony as one to watch out of the City of Brotherly Love. For how short the track is, it doesn't lack. It's fun, energizing, and ever-so-catchy with DeShayes' hook. The instrumental on this song is undefeated, with its pairing of the flute and notes of electric guitar sneaking in the mix. Tony has been making waves and it's clear to see. He's growing as a musician, and big names in the industry are starting to take notice. The Valentino Viper himself, Guapdad 4000, makes an appearance on this track as a self-proclaimed "Don sippin' Don."

I caught up with him to ask a few questions about the release, how it came about, and what the rest of his 2020 is looking like. Check out the dialogue below:

Howie: It's been a while since we've heard new stuff from you. What did this drop mean to you and the team?

Tony: To me, this drop is just solidifying myself as an artist -- letting people know that I am and going to be of the same caliber as a platinum and Grammy-nominated artist such as Guapdad 4000.

Photo taken by Tony DeShayes

Howie: How did the Guapdad feature come about? Are you looking to join the Scamily?

Tony: The feature came about in the most modern way possible -- a DM. I reached out to Guap about hopping on a record of his choice between a few I sent him, and he chose "42". This was all at the same time in summer 2019 when Revenge of the Dreamers was coming out. From there, I ended up linking with Guap at his Dior Deposits release party in New York, and then again later during Grammy weekend in LA. The Scamily has definitely welcomed me with open arms.

Howie: This instrumental bangs... Who did the production on this? The flow feels tailor-made for this beat.

Tony: The production is a story in itself. Guap and I recorded the original track on an entirely different beat that was made by a young South Jersey kid Clay. From there, Jordan B. Mitchell, who I was recording all my music with at the time, had created a whole new beat for the track that just had that FEELING to it. After putting the record together and actually splitting Guap's verse into two, EP Tone went ahead to add some live instrument elements to it with the electric guitar shredding from my Aussie mate, Tutty.

Howie: If you're celebrating and this song comes on, what drink are you reaching for if the Julio is empty?

Tony: Casamigos. If I’m not tryna go too crazy, I love me a glass of bubbly.

Howie: Congratulations on the track, my guy! You're definitely making waves right now. Should we be looking out for anything in particular coming from you in the fourth quarter of 2020?

Tony: No doubt, 'preciate you to the fullest. For the rest of the year, definitely be on the lookout for more visuals and another single coming. I'm getting ready to introduce my fans to newer sounds I've been working on with mostly live production elements as well as a genreless sound that will simply be undeniable music.

Listen to the track above & make sure to keep up with Tony below:

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