• Brooke Brennan

25-Year History Of The Iconic Air Max 95

In 1995, Sergio Lozano designed the immensely popular, easily recognizable Air Max 95. With its distinct design and revolutionary original colorway, this sneaker has stood the test of time. With over 150 colorways and releases, the Air Max 95 may perhaps be one of Nike’s most progressive sneakers and a staple in every OG sneakerhead’s collection.

The 90s were the time of basketball. With Nike catering to basketball athletes, fans, and the Jordan-era, their focus was not on running shoes. Sergio Lozano wanted to make a shoe that was for runners; considering Nike HQ was in Oregon, that would overturn their underdog status in the running community. He made the Air Max 95 design to resonate personally with those buying the shoe. Nonetheless, Lozano designed the shoe based off human anatomy. The back of the shoe resembles a spine, the side waves form ribs, the uppers are skin-like, and the lace hoops represent tendons. Inspiration from the Air Max 90 air bubbles created a new, unique feature: two air bubbles. And to cater more to runners, the soles are black to prevent staining from dirt.

Originally, other designers at Nike were not fully on-board with this design. After persistency and genius innovation, the Air Max 95 hit the streets running. This shoe was instantly loved by runners around the world. The increasing popularity capitalized in America, Europe, and Australia. From running, this shoe trickled into mainstream hip-hop fashion and then into athletic fashion. Today, the Air Max 95 is loved by sneaker collectors worldwide—transforming sneaker collections and design.

The original Air Max 95 colorway (“Black/Volt/Medium Ash/Dark Pewter”) was the first to debut as Nike’s now-signature “Neon Yellow.” 25 years later, Nike re-released this shoe earlier in December 2020. Since the original debut in 1995, over 150 colorways have broken ground. Here are five of the best:

#5) Air Max 95 "Silver Bullet" (2017)


#4) Air Max 95 x Comme des Garcons (2020)

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#3) Air Max 95 "Persian Violet" (2016)

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#2) Air Max 95 "Solar Red" (1995)


#1) Air Max 95 "Neon" (1995)


The Air Max 95 is an iconic, beloved sneaker that paved the way for future sneakers. The innovative, unique design created endless possibilities for what sneakers can be and how designers can bring their visions to life. Debuting Nike’s signature “Neon Yellow” color has given the brand a distinctive color to spread across all items. The timeless Air Max 95's have maintained cultural relevancy for 25 years, and they are here to stay.

Future Air Max 95 Radar: Air Max 95 “Fossil” (2021)

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