2020 NFL Draft Grades: NFC

Were onto the NFC now. Not much more to say about that, let's get into it.

2020 NFL Draft Grades

NFC East:

Written by: Matt Harris

Dallas Cowboys

Draft Picks

Round 1 pick 17: CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma

Round 2 pick 51: Trevon Diggs CB Alabama

Round 3 pick 82: Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma

Round 4 pick 123: Reggie Robinson CB Tulsa

Round 4 pick 146: Tyler Biadisz C Wisconsin

Round 5 pick 179: Bradlee Anae Edge Utah

Round 7 pick 231: Ben DiNucci QB James Madison

Was the Yacht a good luck charm? Because Jerry Jones had an unbelievable draft, one of the better ones in the entire league. First, CeeDee Lamb fell into their laps at 17 and gives the Dallas Cowboys a scary threesome at the receiver position. Lamb should've been off the board. That was a common theme for Dallas's draft picks this year.

They got another steal in round two in Trevon Diggs. Diggs is a first-round talent and has the size, speed, and ball skills to be a very disruptive corner in the NFL. Another guy fell to them in round three with Oklahoma's Neville Gallimore. Gallimore gives them another pass rushing threat up front to go along with DeMarcus Lawrence, Gerald McCoy, and Dontari Poe. Great value in round three, I thought he would go in round two.

Jerry rounded out with two very nice selections in Wisconsin's Tyler Biadisz and Utah's Bradlee Anae. Biadisz replaces fellow Badger Travis Frederick, who decided to retire in the offseason. He's not the best in pass pro but should be a valuable anchor in the run game for Ezekiel Elliott. Bradlee Anae gives Dallas a desperately needed edge after Robert Quinn decided to leave in free agency. Strong, smart high motor and should be able to start across from Lawrence. Dallas killed it this year.

Draft Grade: A

New York Giants

Draft Picks

Round 1 pick 4: Andrew Thomas OT Georgia

Round 2 pick 36: Xavier McKinney S Alabama

Round 3 pick 99: Matt Peart OT UConn

Round 4 pick 110: Darnay Holmes CB UCLA

Round 5 pick 150: Shane Lemieux G Oregon

Round 6 pick 183: Cam Brown LB Penn State

Round 7 pick 218: Carter Coughlin LB Minnesota

Round 7 pick 238: T.J. Brunson LB South Carolina

Round 7 pick 247: Chris Williamson CB Minnesota

Round 7 pick 255: Tae Crowder LB Georgia (Mr. Irrelevant)

I love what the New York Giants did this year. They wanted to emphasize the offensive line and help their franchise quarterback and star running back. Andrew Thomas isn't flashy and doesn't have the upside of a Mekhi Becton, but he has the highest floor of the tackles. He'll come in day one and be a starter and significantly helps New York in pass protection.

Xavier McKinney should've gone day one, but he fell to the Giants at pick 36. McKinney does everything really well, the only knock is his speed (ran 4.6 at the combine), but he has all the other tools to be a very good safety. Matt Peart is a big, athletic offensive tackle who strives is pass pro just like Thomas. Should be New York's right tackle of the future. Darnay Holmes is small but makes up for it in aggressiveness, speed and instincts. I can see him having a successful career as a nickel.

The rest of the draft was ok. Shane Lemieux is a solid guard that can provide valuable depth on the inside. Cam Brown is a tweener linebacker who I can see being valuable on special teams. Carter Coughlin is a very smart player who knows how to tackle and is good in coverage. If they could've snagged one more value guy in round six or seven, it's an A. I still think the Giants had a great draft and they're on their way up.

Draft Grade: B+

Philadelphia Eagles

Draft Picks

Round 1 pick 21: Jalen Reagor WR TCU

Round 2 pick 53: Jalen Hurts QB Oklahoma

Round 3 pick 103: Davion Taylor LB Colorado

Round 4 pick 127: K'Von Wallace S Clemson

Round 4 pick 145: Jack Driscoll OL Auburn

Round 5 pick 168: John Hightower WR Boise State

Round 6 pick 196: Shaun Bradley LB Temple

Round 6 pick 200: Quez Watkins WR Southern Miss

Round 6 pick 210: Prince Tega Wanogho OL Auburn

Round 7 pick 233: Casey Toohill LB Stanford

The draft started off rough for the Philadelphia Eagles, but they really did a nice job of picking it up. I like Jalen Reagor, he gives the Eagles some nice speed and gadget ability, but I think it was a little too early for him. Justin Jefferson was still on the board and I had him ranked as WR #4. The Jalen Hurts pick was a questionable one, but he could be the next Taysom Hill. So, he could provide value in that area for Philly.

They followed it up with two really nice selection on defense, Colorado's Davion Taylor and Clemson's K'Von Wallace. They had holes at linebacker and safety and I could definitely see those guys competing to be starters. Great value selections for them. John Hightower gives them another burner to go along with Reagor and D-Jax.

Shaun Bradley, another great value pick and helps the Eagles at their depleted linebacker spot. The Eagles might have gotten their greatest value in round six with the selection of Prince Tega Wanogho. Wanogho is raw and inconsistent, but he has the size and athleticism to be a quality tackle in the NFL. Low risk, high reward pick that late in the draft. Philly's first two picks were questionable but made up for it with some great selections in the later rounds.

Draft Grade: B-

Washington Redskins

Draft picks

Round 1 pick 2: Chase Young Edge Ohio State

Round 3 pick 66: Antonio Gibson WR/RB Memphis

Round 4 pick 108: Saahdiq Charles OL LSU

Round 4 pick 142: Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty

Round 5 pick 156: Keith Ismael OL SDST

Round 5 pick 162: Khaleke Hudson Edge Michigan

Round 7 pick 216: Kamren Curl S Arkansas

Round 7 pick 229: James Smith-Williams Edge NC State

It's hard to give this draft a bad grade, because of the Chase Young pick. Young is going to be a multiple-time all-pro, he's going to flirt with double-digit sacks out of the gate and he's going to have a very good career. However, besides that, I'm not really impressed with the draft at all. Antonio Gipson could be a nice gadget piece on offense, but they should've addressed a need at tackle there.

Saahdiq Charles has concerning character issues and is still raw at tackle. I love the Antonio Gandy-Golden pick though. He's got a real shot to start next to Terry McLaurin. Those two complement each other very nicely. I really don't like any of the other picks that they made. I'm only giving this a B- because of Chase Young and Gandy-Golden, otherwise, it's in the C-D range.

Draft Grade: B-

NFC North:

Written by: Dylan Fadden

Chicago Bears

Round 2: Pick No. 43: Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame

Round 2: Pick No.  50: Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

Round 5: Pick No. 155: Trevis Gipson, DE, Tulsa

Round 5: Pick No. 163: Kindle Vildor, CB, Georgia Southern

Round 5: Pick No. 173: Darnell Mooney, WR, Tulane

Round 7: Pick No. 226: Arlington Hambright, G, Colorado

Round 7: Pick No. 227: Lachavious Simmons, OT, Tennessee State

Everyone take a deep breath and just listen. Was Cole Kmet the right pick? No. Do I think he will be good? Yes. I hate the pick, I love the player. Sitting at 43 I would have loved the Bears to snag one of the two top tier safeties that were still available but instead Pace ended up grabbing the hometown kid. In all seriousness I really do think Kmet will be a solid tight end and a long time Chicago Bear. With both Graham and Kmet this will allow for much more versatility in our offensive approach and will help us dominate the middle of the field like Nagy was obsessed with doing last year(every single play was some variation of a curl route).

This next pick really saves and somewhat validates the Kmet pick. At first I was not a fan of this pick at all and did not think it addressed our teams biggest needs, but after a lot of consideration I've come around. The corner out of Utah was thought to be a first round talent, and when the Bears got on the clock at 50 they just simply could not help themselves. Even after signing Artie Burns and having a solid back up with Kevin Tolliver, they still decided to grab Jaylon Johnson here. IF Jaylon Johnson is what people hope he is, the Bears defense only presents one hole, former backup safety Deon Bush. Bears fans should be very excited for Jaylon Johnson and what he will turn this defense into.

As Bears fan this was difficult to grade but Im going with the north end of the C range because of the instant impact Kmet and Jaylon Johnson will have on this teams success next year.....even with passing up on two potential pro bowl caliber safeties.

Draft Grade: C+

Detroit Lions

Round 1, Pick No. 3: Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State

Round 2, Pick No. 35: D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

Round 3, Pick No. 67: Julian Okwara, LB, Notre Dame

Round 3, Pick No. 75: Jonah Jackson, G, Ohio State

Round 4, Pick No. 121: Logan Stenberg, G, Kentucky

Round 5, Pick No. 166: Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin

Round 5, Pick No. 172: Jason Huntley, RB, New Mexico State

Round 6, Pick No. 197: John Penisini, DT, Utah

Round 7, Pick No. 235: Jashon Cornell, DT, Ohio State

To be quite honest Im not too sure what to make of the direction of the Lions organization. It seems as if they are hitting a rebuild but have yet to take a clear stance on it. There are some parts of this draft I love and other parts I don't necessarily love.

Starting off with round one, they selected the clear cut number one corner in the draft, Jeff Okudah. Despite some noise about potentially taking Derrick Brown they still ended up taking the Ohio State corner. Don't get me wrong it was a good pick but Im just not a fan of taking corners this high especially when they could've traded back and still had gotten him at five. I think Okudah WILL be good but I think ensuring yourself up front is always the best and safest move. It will be interesting to see just exactly how good Okudah will be and if he ends up being worth the number three overall pick.

This is one pick that I am really not a fan of, and I even think most Lions fans will agree with me. I completely understand the thought process, they will use him as a change of pace back and in the passing game to pair up with current running back kerryon Johnson. But to be honest, if the Lions are committed to Kerryon and view him as the number one running option then I don't think taking him in the early second was an efficient use of the pick. This is a team that was horrific last year and could have used it on a player that will largely benefit the team rather than a player that will be on the field at the most 50% of the time.

Aside from those complaints I did think the Lions had a pretty solid draft, especially with their third round selections. Being able to get edge rusher Julian Okwara and interior lineman Jonah Jackson were both phenomenal selections and will likely both have an immediate effect on the teams success. This will go a long way in allowing them to strengthen both sides of the line, which was much needed.

Draft Grade: B-

Green Bay Packers

Round 1: Pick No. 26: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Round 2: Pick No. 62: A.J. Dillon, RB, Boston College

Round 3: Pick No. 94: Josiah Deguara, TE, Cincinnati

Round 5: Pick No. 175: Kamal Martin, LB, Minnesota

Round 6: Pick No. 192: Jon Runyan, G, Michigan

Round 6: Pick No. 208: Jake Hanson, C, Oregon

Round 6: Pick No. 209: Simon Stepaniak, OT, Indiana

Round 7: Pick No. 236: Vernon Scott, S, TCU

Round 7: Pick No. 242: Jonathan Garvin, DE, Miami

Im not going to be wasting much time on this draft because well its not worth anyones time, it was so blatantly terrible that anyone from Todd McShay to a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers will tell you it was horrific. I really have no clue what the thought process was with this draft.

With their first rounder they ended up selecting Aaron Rodgers replacement, even despite leading the team to the NFC championship game. Oh, and did I mention they traded up to get him? Comical. Next we move on to the second round selection of AJ Dillon. While yes AJ Dillon is an absolute beast of a downhill runner, the Packers had arguably one of the best running backs in Aaron Jones and a phenomenal back up with Jamaal Williams who was productive whenever he entered the game. Again, doesn't make much sense. The last two picks I will be addressing are Josiah Deguara the tight end out of Cincinnati and safety Vernon Scott out of TCU. Josiah Deguara was allegedly selected to serve in a fullback role, congrats Green Bay you drafted a fullback in the 3rd round. Im probably being too critical with this because it was a 7th round selection but Safety Vernon Scott was listed as the 61st best safety in the draft. Yes, you read that right, the 61st! I didn't even know that many safeties entered the NFL Draft.

All in all this was a horrendous draft, and left a lot of people questioning what's going on up there. They truly earned their draft grade, were giving them a nice, big, F.

Draft Grade: F

Minnesota Vikings

Round 1: Pick No. 22: Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Round 1 Pick No. 31: Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU

Round 2 Pick No. 58: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State

Round 3 Pick No. 89: Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State

Round 4 Pick No. 117: D.J. Wonnum, DE, South Carolina

Round 4 Pick No. 130: James Lynch, DT, Baylor

Round 4 Pick No. 132: Troy Dye, LB, Oregon

Round 5 Pick No. 169: Harrison Hand, CB, Temple

Round 5 Pick No. 176: K.J. Osborn, WR, Miami

Round 6 Pick No. 203: Blake Brandel, OT, Oregon State

Round 6 Pick No. 205: Josh Metellus, S, Michigan

Round 7 Pick No. 225: Kenny Willekes, DE, Michigan State

Round 7 Pick No. 244: Nate Stanley, QB, Iowa

Round 7 Pick No. 249: Brian Cole II, S, Mississippi State

Round 7 Pick No. 253: Kyle Hinton, G, Washburn

It pains me to write this, but the Vikings had by far the best draft of the year. They had four major areas that needed to be addressed during this draft and they hit on nearly all of them.

In the first the Vikings drafted two players that will be looking to fill the holes that were created with the departures of Xavier Rhodes and Stefan Diggs. Jeff Gladney and Justin Jefferson were both highly praised prospects and the Vikings did a fantastic job with these selections. Of course they got a little help along the way, with both the Eagles(pick 21 Jalen Reagor) and the Dolphins(pick 30 Noah Igbinoghene) picking one spot before them and reaching on a player at the same position. Especially Justin Jefferson, the Vikings were probably screaming with joy to have the former National Champion fall into their lap at pick 22. As for Gladney, it wasn't as clear cut, but nevertheless he should be great for them and again they were probably shocked that the team before them didn't snag the player they were hoping to get.

In rounds two and three they went offensive line and corner again. To some, getting Boise State tackle Ezra Cleveland was another steal. Cleveland wasn't making much noise throughout the early part of the draft process but within the last week or so he began to rise fast on draft boards. Getting an offensive line of his potential was extremely important for this Vikings offense who has always struggled in recent years. Following the Ezra Cleveland selection came the corner out of Mississippi State, Cameron Dantzler. Again another player that wasn't high on draft boards that began to gain momentum in the last parts of the draft process. Dantzler is a great piece to add to a position that they struggled with a tremendous amount last year. Dantzler will create competition with fellow corner selected in the first, Jeff Gladney.

Throughout the remaining rounds of the draft the Vikings added PLENTY of depth with their eleven picks in rounds four through seven. As a fan of the Bears I was really hoping for worse from the team from Minnesota but I think anyone will tell you this draft is reason for concern. The Vikings absolutely killed the 2020 NFL Draft.

Draft Grade: A+

NFC West:

Written by: Connor Sheehan

Arizona Cardinals

Draft Picks

Round 1 Pick 8: Isaiah Simmons LB/S Clemson

Round 3 pick 72: Josh Jones OT Houston

Round 4 Pick 114: Leki Fotu DT Utah

Round 4 Pick 131: Rashard Lawrence DT LSU

Round 6 Pick 202: Evan Weaver LB Cal

Round 7 Pick 222: Eno Benjamin RB ASU

The Arizona Cardinals had one of the best drafts and offseason this year. Their first round pick was stunning considering almost every mock draft had them selecting an offensive tackle or CeeDee Lamb, but Arizona went defense instead. Simmons broke the mold for your prototypical linebacker or safety. His combination of speed and size made him a top five talent that will impact the Cardinals defense on day one. Their first pick of the draft was a home run.

Their second round pick was previously traded to the Texans who took TCU's DT Ross Blacklock. So, essentially the Cardinals traded Ross Blacklock and 28 year old David Johnson for a top 5 receiver in Deandre Hopkins. Considered a win in my book. In the third round they hit another home run with offensive tackle Josh Jones. Waiting on tackle in the first round proved to be a good gamble selecting one of the most NFL ready pass protectors in the draft. Josh Jones doubters had questions about the level of competition he saw at a group of 5 conference school. He put all of those questions behind him after dominating the one on one reps at the senior bowl. A first round talent in my eyes the Cardinals stole in the third.

Arizona did the three best things possible to make their team better this offseason. 1) Protect Kyler Murray at all costs. 2) Surround him with more weapons. 3) Upgrade the defense. Making the Cardinals in my mind playoff contenders for next season and a team thats building a roster the right way.

Draft Grade: A

San Fransisco 49ers

Draft Picks

Round 1 Pick 14: Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina

Round 1 Pick 25: Brandon Ayiuk WR ASU

Round 5 Pick 153: Colton Mckivitz OT West Virginia

Round 6 Pick 190: Charlie Woerner TE Georgia

Round 7 Pick 217: Jujuan Jennings WR Tennessee

The 49ers were active early and often in the first round of the draft. Originally moving back from pick 13 to 14 selecting Javon Kinlaw DT1 on my board. Solely because he can rush the passer better than Derrick Brown and eats up double teams at an insanely high rate. Later on in the first, they moved up from 31 to 25 in order to secure one of the best YAC receivers in the draft Brandon Ayiuk. Another great pick by John Lynch who maneuvered his way around acquiring more late round picks and grabbing two blue chip players in the process. Due to their lack of picks, their grade is high because of the effectiveness of each selection. Grabbing day one starters early and good role players later for depth.

In the last round the 49ers grabbed the 70th player on PFF's big board at pick 217, Jujuan Jennings, talk about a value pick. The reason he fell was his 4.7 forty time. You may think that his lack of speed makes him a bad receiver, but thats not where he wins. Jennings wins on the ground, he forced the most missed tackles in CFB last year (30). He bounces off defenders with ease and can be fatal in the slot. San Fransisco drafted the two perfect receivers for Kyle Shanahans offense, both monsters after the catch that quite honestly make the 49ers offense even better than it was before. It's hard to believe that but its also hard to pull off a draft this effective, hats off to John Lynch.

Draft Grade: A-

Seattle Seahawks

Draft Picks

Round 1 Pick 27: Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech

Round 2 Pick 48: Darrell Taylor DE Tennessee

Round 3 Pick 69: Damien Lewis OG LSU

Round 4 Pick 133: Colby Parkinson TE Stanford

Round 4 Pick 144: DeeJay Dallas RB Miami

Round 5 Pick 148: Alton Robinson DE Syracuse

Round 6 Pick 214: Freddie Swain WR Florida

Round 7 Pick 251: Stephen Sullivan TE LSU

Seattle used to be praised for how great their homegrown teams have been in the past. Assembling the legion of boom and drafting future hall of fame QB Russell Wilson. Although, as of the last couple years, I really don't know if thats still true. In the past Seattle has traded down or out of the first round to accumulate more picks (always a good strategy). Except the last three years including this one, the Seahawks have drafted Rashaad Penny a back up running back. A defensive end that could not make his presence felt on the field in L.J. Collier and now linebacker Jordyn Brooks. A great run defender but very poor in coverage. Honestly if I was the front office in Seattle i'd ban them from ever drafting in the first round again.

Their best pick of this draft was Damien Lewis out of LSU. Finally the Seahawks give Russell Wilson some desperately needed help. Lewis earned a pass blocking grade over 78 each of the two seasons he started at guard for the tigers. After a great senior bowl performance I was all in on Lewis as a top guard in this class.

The rest of Seattle's draft was uninspiring drafting a lot of high-ceiling low-floor players that bring "the most potential". In my experience watching the NFL draft for the last 5 years has been that drafting good football players is always a better idea than players riding on their potential. I'll even go this far as to say that in most cases potential is just a word to describe bad football players with freak athletic abilities, that typically have a much harder time acclimating to the speed of play in the NFL. For these reasons I was unimpressed by the Seahawks draft as a whole.

Draft Grade: C

Los Angeles Rams

Draft Picks

Round 2 Pick 52: Cam Akers RB FSU

Round 2 Pick 57: Van Jefferson WR Florida

Round 3 Pick 84: Terrell Lewis DE Alabama

Round 3 Pick 104: Terrell Burgess S Utah

Round 4 Pick 136: Bryce Hopkins TE Purdue

Round 6 Pick 199: Jordan Fuller S OSU

Round 7 Pick 234: Clay Johnston LB Baylor

Round 7 Pick 248: Sam Sloman K Miami Ohio

Round 7 Pick 250: Tremayne Anchrum OG Clemson

The Los Angeles Rams surprised me in a good way in this draft. They came into it with the 25th most draft capital and left with some key parts to their future plans. Two young playmakers to their offense and some potential role players on defense. I didn't like the running back selection as you might have noticed was a common theme in my grades. What really factored into my grade for the Rams was how they traded back to get more picks and the places they added depth. Three years in a row they've been drafting secondary players early in the draft that play multiple positions.

The thing I disliked about their draft was the lack of offensive line selections. When the Rams were the at their best, they had a physically dominant o-line that gave Goff enough time to make reads. Although they struck out in that aspect, they did add one of my favorite players in Terrell Burgess. The fourth round safety was the glue that held the entire Utah defense together. For what was a top ten ap rank finish and spectacular season for the Utes who had a record 7 draft picks this year. He was the third player of that secondary drafted and he possibly might be the best out of that bunch.

Draft Grade: B-


Written by: Ryan Dobbs

Atlanta Falcons

Draft Picks:

Round 1, pick 16: A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

Round 2, pick 47: Marlon Davidson, DE, Auburn

Round 3, pick 78: Matt Hennessy, C, Temple

Round 4, pick 119: Mykal Walker, LB, Fresno State

Round 4, pick 134: Jaylinn Hawkins, S, California

Round 7, pick 228: Sterling Hofrichter, P, Syracuse

The Atlanta Falcons draft was certainly not a terrible one, but I honestly feel as if they still have some key holes on their squad and i'm sure this draft isn't gonna be enough to fill them. They went A.J. Terrell with their first round pick which isn't the best value they could have gotten, especially with where the team stood last season. They only had 6 picks in the draft and the only one I can say I really like is the Marlon Davidson pick. I think the young DT from Auburn can make an immediate impact rushing the passer on the interior and off of the edge.

All of Atlanta's later round picks have a chance to develop, again, I just don't see this draft class being the answer they needed especially with every other NFC South team drafting so well.

Draft Grade: C

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Draft Picks:

Round 1, pick 13: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

Round 2, pick 45: Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota

Round 3, pick 76: Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt

round 5, pick 161: Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota

round 6, pick 194: Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska

round 7, pick 241: Chapelle Russell, LB, Temple 

round 7, pick 245: Raymond Calais, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette

The Buccaneers followed up a fantastic off-season with a draft that was almost just as much a hit. For starters, they got the highest ceiling OT at 13th in the draft where 3 others had already been selected prior to him. Follow that up with getting potentially the best safety in the draft (who also happens to have great lineage) at the 45th pick. Finally, follow that up by getting easily one of the best slot receivers in the draft in the 5th round and what you end up with is one hell of a haul for the Bucs. Everyone selected in between and outside of those guys are just kinda "meh" picks to me. But for where the Buccaneers now stand, this draft was great overall.

Draft Grade: B+

Carolina Panthers

Round 1, pick 7 — Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

Round 2, pick 38 — Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State

Round 2, pick 64 — Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois

Round 4, pick 113 — Troy Pride Jr., CB, Notre Dame

Round 5, pick 152 — Kenny Robinson Jr., S, West Virginia

Round 6, pick 184 — Bravvion Roy, DT, Baylor

Round 7, pick 221 — Stantley Thomas-Oliver, CB, FIU

The Panthers had a fantastic draft along with a few other teams in the NFC South. I like the fact that they had a plan coming into the draft and they executed on it. Obviously the Panthers planned to make this an all defensive draft (that doesn't just happen) and that was an important decision for this franchise. They picked up lots of guys I think can make immediate impact and honestly all 4 of their first picks very well could be day 1 starters. It sure looks like the Panthers smashed this draft and could have a young and formidable defense very soon.

Draft Grade: B+

New Orleans Saints

Draft Picks:

Round 1, pick 24 - Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan

Round 3, pick 74 - Zach Baun, LB, Wisconsin

Round 3, pick 105 - Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton

Round 7, pick 241 - Tommy Stevens, QB, Mississippi State

Obviously, the Saints didn't necessarily have a lot of picks in this years draft but honestly they didn't really need a lot of picks to get what they wanted/needed out of this draft. Most importantly, they got an awesome interior lineman which is where the Vikings gashed them in their most recent playoff loss. After that they went after linebacker Zack Baun which was much needed and a huge target in the third round for Drew Brees, the tight end from Dayton, Adam Trautman. Finally, the Saints traded up in the draft on the last day for a pick in the 7th round. That pick was Tommy Stevens the QB from Mississippi State. He will be another player that can play the Taysom Hill role in the Saints offense, if you think i'm lying check his tape from when he was at Penn. State. So overall, great haul for the Saints with the minimal draft picks they entered with.

Draft Grade: B+


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